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What is the parental care of an emperor penguin?

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Emperor penguin parents are very dedicated. After giving the single egg to the father, the mother leaves. The egg is on top of the father’s feet, and under his brood flap, which is a piece of loose skin, holding the egg to the father. The father Emperor penguin incubates the egg. Approximately 10 penguins stand in a huddle for 2-3 months in order to keep the egg as warm as possible. The father looses about half of his body weight, because he only eats a small portion of snow, while he is patiently waiting for the egg to hatch.  The care of the baby all changes once the egg has hatched, their mothers comes back to take care of them. Although the father doesn’t want to give up its baby, it eventually does. The baby is moved to the feet of the father Emperor Penguin to the feet of the mother Emperor Penguin, who continues to care for it. 
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