What is the pass in a restaurant kitchen?

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It is where the food presentation is checked and finalised before it is passed over to the service staff, It is the main point of communication between front of house and the kitchen and usually manned by the head chef.
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How big is a restaurant kitchen?

The size of a restaurant kitchen is usually about 2000 square feet.However, it will always vary from kitchen to kitchen.

Is there any way you can go in a kitchen at a restaurant?

It's up to the policy of that particular restaurant. At most restaurants they carry a policy that you must be wearing non-slip shoes in order to enter their kitchen. Most will

How does a kid make a restaurant in her kitchen?

What I would do is first, make a menu and an ordering sheet. To do that, you have to first know what your cook would like to make... so, if that is going to be your mom or dad

What is the work environment like in the kitchen of a restaurant?

While it has been almost 18 years since I worked in a restaurant, I can tell you that my last job in a resort kitchen was one of the worst places I have ever worked. I worked

Different between kitchen and restaurant?

A kitchen only prepares food. It may be part of a restaurant and the food is then served there. Otherwise the food from the kitchen is transported over distances and sold in i

Restaurant kitchen cooking measurements?

I made Amish bread for 27 days so that it would ferment and make its own yeast. So the recipe I have for it asked for one cup of the Amish friendship bread recipe and some mor

Who cleans a kitchen in a restaurant?

It depends on the restaurant. In some the cook, dishwashers, and staff are expected to clean up the kitchen. In others, a cleaning crew and dishwashers may be hired to k

What are the disciplinary procedures of kitchens in the restaurant?

Well, each workplace varies. In most cases you have a right to a witness if attending a scheduled meeting. They will inform you of this meeting in advance through a letter ad

Why wear caps in the restaurant kitchen?

Hair collects dust and other debris: potential contaminants for food. Caps should always be worn in commercial or industrial kitchens to prevent contaminants from the head and
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Why does the kitchen in a restaurant have a double door?

Double doors in restaurants are usually swinging doors, which are meant to open on impact. This allows servers with their hands full to go through without having to actually
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What is a CDP in a restaurant kitchen?

That means Chef de partie, or a team leader in the kitchen