What is the password's for GTA san Andreas game?

gta password
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Where in the game gta san Andreas will you get a patriot car?

You'll rarely find them driving around. There is one parked at the navy Base in San Fierro. You'll pick up a four or five star wanted level if you try to steal it, so be ready (MORE)

Is gta san Andreas copland a good game?

  It is not much different from San andreas.Here in Copland have real life vehicles,improved graphics,cops as the enemy gang members instead of the Ballas   and loads o (MORE)

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Things to Consider When Creating Words for the Game "Password"

The game "Password" is a television game show, which was first aired in 1961. It was a reasonably popular television show up to its final closing point in 1975. It was a telev (MORE)

Is there a gatling gun in gta san Andreas game on ps2?

yes there is one i would be happy to tell there is one across the tracks from the v rock hotel in a small but usaly crowded parking grage on the bottum florr if you still cant (MORE)

Gta san Andreas copland 2006 save games?

Hey... u can simply download the saved files from the link given below:  http://uploading.com/files/88daa8mb/Copland%2BSaved%2Bgames%2528by%2Bchirag%2Bnawani%2529.rar/ Just (MORE)