How do you get ac in AQWorlds?

The free way is to go to ballyhoo and eventually she will give you five from watching some ads the other way is to buy them online

How do you get AC on AQworlds?

You either have to be a member orrrrrrr you could buy them with real money. orrrrr you could do AExtras and take surveys for them. . 3 months=1000 ac

How do you be a member in aqworld?

To become a member you need to pay what you do is you go to the member button you click it and then it will bring you to a page where you then select what membership you want (MORE)

How can you get acs at AQWorlds?

Getting ACs in AQWorlds Buy a membership (Each membership comes with a certain amount of ACs) Use membership card to get ACs (Instead of getting a membership with this card, (MORE)

How do you get acs in aqworld?

Buy a membership, or just buy AC coins or got to walmart or some store and buy a aqworlds quardian card and enter the code in on Aq worlds

Why do you have to be a member in AQWorlds?

It is well worth the money, in fact it also makes the game more exciting, you deal double damage, get tons of new armor available, can play on your servers with members only t (MORE)