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What is the pay scale of west Bengal primary school teachers?

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How many primary school in west Bengal?

1 How many primary school in west Bengal? 2. How many primary school in Kolkata district? 3. Who is the president of west Bengal board of primary Education? 4. Who is th (MORE)

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What is the salary of an assistant teacher in west Bengal?

Starting salary of an assistant teacher in a govt aided high school  of west bengal-    in hons/pg category the starting salary is 26,960 (Basic : 15960,  DA: 52%, HR (MORE)

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What will be the revised pay scale of a Punjab aided school teacher with basic pay as 6800?

if the teacher is in master cadre his salary will be fixed as below 6800 multiple 1.86 = 12648 rounded to 10 it will be 12650 plus 3600=16250 increment wil be determined @3% p (MORE)

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What is the future of para teacher in west Bengal?

KOLKATA: The West Bengal government is planning to bring teachers of different categories - para-teachers, PTTI teachers and the like - in schools and colleges under one umbre (MORE)