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What is the pay scale of west Bengal primary school teachers?

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How many primary school in west Bengal?

1 How many primary school in west Bengal? 2. How many primary school in Kolkata district? 3. Who is the president of west Bengal board of primary Education? 4. Who is

West Bengal School Service Commission-Assistant teacher payscale?

In govt-aided school in West Bengal under West Bengal School Service Commission the starting salary structure of an assistant teacher(as on 21.01.2012) is given below- IN Ho

Punjab fifth pay commission of primary teacher pay scale?

SUGGESTIONS FOR EDUCATION REFORMS IN PUNJAB  there are some suggestions for reformation of education sector in punjab,    i request Khadim-e-ala Punjab (Chief Minister

What is the difference between government aided Schoolteacher and government School teacher of West Bengal?

(1) Aided school teachers are not govt. employees while govt. school teachers are govt. employees. (2) Aided school teachers are selected by School Service Commission in case