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What is the penalty for minors selling illegal drugs?

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for anyone selling drugs depending on the class its a sentence between 7-14 yrs in either a youth offenders institution (juvineille) or jail.
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Whats the penalty for selling alcohol to minors in Maryland?

The penalty for contributing to a minor in Maryland is a 500 dollar  fine for your first offense. You will be held responsible if a  minor gets hurt or killed after you have

Is it illegal to sell adult magazines to a minor?

If the magazine is rated R18 or R16 and you sell to someone younger than that, yes, it is a serious crime. -------------------------------------------------------------------

Is a conspiracy to sell illegal drugs impossible to beat?

  Nothing is impossible - it all depends upon the strength of the evidence - the testimony of the witnesses - and the skill and legal maneuverings of the defense and prose

What is the penalty for selling alcohol to minors in New York?

It is a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to a year in jail. The establishment is also subject to penalties by the liquor authority including

Does counselors have to report illegal drug selling?

No. Follow these guidelines: Don't mention any specific contact information of anyone involved, so that they don't have anything to report in the first place.Don't mention th

How do you report an adult selling illegal prescription drugs?

Contact the police authority in the area where the crime is taking place. Then tell them the information they need to know (who, what, when where, and how you know this inform

Is it illegal selling a car to a minor?

It depends on your State laws,In all 50 states minors can not enter into any legally binding contract,So a minor can not purchase a vehicle from a new/used car dealership sinc
In Idaho

What is the penalty for selling alcohol to a minor in a state sting operation in the state of Idaho?

Revocation of your liquor license, fine, and possible jail time. The seller is given a providing for minor ticket. That ticket brings a fine of between $500-$1000. As well car