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99% boys and 1% girls
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Does Justin Bieber hate uggs?

Yes in a Tween magazine he clearly said "I won't even look at you if you're wearing Uggs- Even Beyonce!" So girls, make sure you aren't wearing uggs when you meet Justin!! -Kr

What Justin bieber hates in a girl?

He dislikes girls that are superficial, mean, bossy, rude and a girl that he cant have a decent conversation with. What he does like in a girl is some one who is funny, confid

Does Justin bieber hate Arabic people?

no he dosent he knows Arabic he has been to Arab place to sing like mahkknass morocco and he came back from rabat morrocco just last summer :-)

What animal does Justin Bieber hate?

He hates the dog Chiwawas.He says the dogs act to royal and need to "Dog Up" and be tougher.He hates that people baby them and treat them like they are royal and not like regu

Does Justin bieber hate fat people?

You may say yes but actually he doesn't hate fat people he is just a normal person like you and me maybe you hate Justin bieber (not to be offensive or anything) so next time

What does Justin Bieber hate in girls?

Justin Bieber claims to like honesty and loyalty in a girl. He  would likely dislike girls who don't have these characteristics.

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Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

Music preference is a personal matter. Some people hate a particular singer because the music is not their particular preference. Since every one has a different style, an ind

What is the number of people that hate Justin Bieber?

82.7% of all U.S guys. 44.2% of all U.S girls. MOST(not all) of his fans are girls or gays that want that 'dream guy' and since most of his songs are sensitive and lovey (wi