What is the percentage of bullies in America?

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A national study showed that 11 percent of children grades 6 through 10 are bullies.
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What is the percentage of kids being bullied?

Statistics say that nearly 80 percent of students report beingbullied at least once in their scholastic career. Nearly 20 percentof students report being bullied multiple time

What percentage of kids in school are bullied?

29 percent in the USA and in Canada, 23 percent. Those percentages have raised through the years and lowered. They are getting doctors, and many people to stop this horrible p

What percentage of kids are bullied in their lifetime?

All people in the world are bullied at least once in their lifetime. It's hard to believe, I know, but even the bullies are bullied by bullies that are bullied and so on. That

Is America a bully?

No, the whole continent of North America is not a bully nor is the whole country of the United States of America a bully.

What percentage of teens are bullied?

According to recent research it is estimated that 30-43 % or over 5.7 million are involved in school bullying as either a bully, a target of bully, or both. A recent national

What percentage of people who were bullied bully others?

I'm a victim of bullying so i know how it feels, i believe people tend to bullied others for many reasons like race, looks, gender, sexulity or jelously. the percentage of p