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How long does child support last in California?

Child support must be paid until the child becomes 18, unless the child has not graduated from high school, in which case the child support continues until the child has gradu

Can you get child support for an unborn child?

  Answer     No. Once the child is born to an unmarried couple, paternity needs to be established before a child support petition can be filed. It can be the vol

Does child support in California automatically end when the child turns 18?

  You have to file to terminate it   No, it doesn't; you have to file to terminate it. In my case, my son turned 18 while he was still in high school. The court order

Does your child support end if your child has a child?

I wouldn't think so, if your child is under 18. No, the matter of a minor having a child of their own does not release the non custodial parent from his or her financial oblig

In California when do you have to stop paying child support?

When the court says you can. You have a right to file a motion to stop when the child turns age 18, unless the child is handicap. see links below ---------------------------

Does child support go to the child?

  It goes to the custodial parent to pay for the care of the child. It is technically assigned to the parent and the parent is to use at their own discretion for the benef

How do you emancipate a child from child support?

Children are not "emancipated" from child support. They are "entitled" to financial support by the non-custodial parent. In general, children become emancipated by leaving t

What is the average child support in California?

There are no published averages for child support in California, and it would be difficult to obtain such information. Child support in California can vary greatly and is ent

Can you pay child support to your child?

With some exceptions, child support is not paid directly to the child because it is not "the child's money" - it is compensation to the custodial parent because they are rais