What is the percentage of the soviet population that was communist?

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In fact at their height the percentage of population that were actual members of the Communist Party never exceeded 25%
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Was the Soviet Union communist?

No, it was actually socialist and barely even that. It was communist in name only. The type of "communism" that was in Russia bore no relation to communism as Karl Marx define

When did the Soviet Union become communist?

It was always communist. That was the basic foundation for the whole system of government. it was Imperial Russia until the two revolutions in 1917. firstly in February when t

Why did the Chinese communists disagree with the Soviets?

Communism is a type of totalitarianism. It has the following characteristics: a massive repression system run by a well established secret police forces, an official and far-r

Who was a communist dictator of the Soviet Union?

Most Soviet leaders had beliefs about human dignity, the only trueSoviet dictator in every sense of the word was Joseph Stalin, whobecame the Soviet leader in 1924 and remaine

Communist leader of the Soviet Union?

Joseph Stalin during WW2 and Vladimir Ivashko during the Cold War. Actually no. Lenin began the regime and Stalin took over when he died. Stalin was murdered and Nikita Kru

Who were 3 Soviet communist leaders?

Vladimir Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union; Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union; Nikita Khrushchev, who took over after Stalin and Georgi Malenkov
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What was the Communist dictator of Soviet Union?

Vladimir Lenin (Dec 30 1922- Jan 21 1924) Mixed Power (From 1924 until 1932, power shared, however Joseph Stalin held most power from 1928 and was gaining since 1924) Jo
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What is the Soviet Communist theory?

After the 1917th revolution, the Soviet Union was restructured with \nnew political system based on the Marxist-Leninist principles. The newly\nformed communist party by Lenin
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Why did the Soviet communists dislike the Kulaks?

The Russian Kulaks were mostly peasant class farm owners. They faced a regime under Lenin & Stalin that at first were radical Bolshevik communists. They saw the Kulaks as a pr