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What is the person who studies trees called?

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A botanist (all plants)
an arborist (tree specialist)
a tree hugger or just weird (by most people)
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What is a person called who studies the alphabet?

An abecedarian (pronounced Ay-Bee-See-Darian; from the letters A B C D plus the Latin suffix -arian meaning "a person who...", "an advocate of...") is one who teaches or studi

What is the study of trees called?

Botany is the study of plants.Dendrology is the study of trees.Dendrology is the branch of botany that is concerned with the natural history of trees and shrubs.Silvics is the

What is the person who studies the Earth called?

There are many fields of Earth study. The most general overall would be the field of geology. Or geologist, to your question.

What do you call a person who studies religion?

Answer   Priests study at a theological college   Answer   A THEOLOGIAN   Answer   Priests/ministers study at a seminary. Members of all faiths can study

What do you call a person who studies DNA?

Forensic scientists use DNA as evidence in crime investigations rather than actually study it itself. They do not study DNA, they manipulate it and use biological methods to