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What is the Philippine national police master plan?

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1. LOI 39/2001 "SANDIGAN MASTER PLAN" (Anti-Criminality Master Plan) dated 03 December 2001

This Plan shall serve as the Master Plan in which all plans and programs of the PNP shall conform with and supplement.

It shall prescribe the grand strategy to be undertaken by PNP Offices and personnel on crime prevention, control and suppression, in the total fight against all forces of criminality.

2. LOI 40/2001 "SANDUGO MASTER PLAN" (The PNP ISO Master Plan) dated 04 December 2001

This serves as the long-range and holistic master plan of the PNP in waging an internal security support operations nationwide. Premised on the estimate of the national situation and other considerations, it prescribes the counter-insurgency support strategy, operational concept, scheme of implementation, service support and coordinating instructions in order to accomplish the PNP's internal security support mission.

3. LOI 42/2001 "SANGYAMAN MASTER PLAN" dated 06 December 2001 (Pnp's Master Plan To Help Protect And Preserve Our Environment, Cultural Properties And Natural Resources)

This master plan prescribes the guidelines to be followed by tasked PNP Units/Offices in assisting lead government agencies in the enforcement of laws over Philippine territorial waters, lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, forest, to include laws and ordinances that have been set forth to preserve, protect and enhance our environment and natural resources, in close coordination with the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and other tasked government agencies.

4. LOI 43/2001 "SANG-BANAT MASTER PLAN" (Pnp's Master Plan For The Campaign against Illegal Drugs) dated 07 December 2001

This master plan sets forth the concept of operations, operational guidelines and tasks of all PNP units/offices in the total fight against illegal drugs: integrating/orchestrating the activities of all concerned National Government Agencies (NGAs) in the conduct of anti-illegal drug campaign at the national down to barangay levels.

5. LOI 44/2001 "SANG-INGAT MASTER PLAN" (Master Plan On Security Preparations) dated 10 December 2001

This Master Plan sets forth the strategic concepts and operational guidelines, as well as contingency plan to ensure the maintenance of peace and order during the year-round observance of holidays, which involves great concern on movement of the citizens, international, national and local meeting/conferences/events, and rallies/mass action in protest to wide range of issues.


This Master Plan sets forth the strategic concepts, operational guidelines and coordinating instructions to be undertaken by PROs and tasked units/offices on disaster management. With this Letter of Instructions, the action that will be undertaken by the concerned PNP units/offices will be as responsive and possible with the support of the government agencies and community.
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