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What is the phobia for fear of vacuum cleaners?

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Zuigerphobia is the fear of being sucked into a vacuum cleaner.
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What phobia is the fear of fear?

We use the term phobophobia to name the fear of fear or of phobias. (The word phobia comes from the Greek for fear .)

Are you a vacuum cleaner?

  No but Roomba is. Roomba is an automatic vacuum cleaner which moves around your house and picks up dirt and dust while moving. It does its job very well, saving you a lo

What phobia is the Fear of pool cleaners?

I WISH I KNEW   Because I have it too..   Its wierd that no one else is though..   I mean, its an uncontrollable sucking machine at the bottom of pools, that also rid

What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck up a mess or dirt in a carpet or  on tile or wood floors, and all the gross junk goes into a bag or  container you throw away or dump in tra

What is the phobia of fear?

  Phobophobia, from the Greek phobos meaning fear Phobophobia. Phobophobia. (As in FDR's famous statement, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".)

What phobia is the fear of vacuums?

There does not appear to be a scientific term to specifically describe a fear of vacuums. Perhaps the fear stems from the loud noise the equipment makes or anxiety that you mi
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What phobia is the fear of fearing fear?

Phobophobia. (As in FDR's famous statement, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".)
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Is a phobia a fear?

It is Latin for fear (usually irrational) and is a suffix for some Latin words and phrases. For example claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed/small spaces.

How is the vacuum created in a vacuum cleaner?

Although it is called a vacuum cleaner, it does not actually create a vacuum. Inside the cleaner there is an electric motor which drives a fan blade. This fan blows air out