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What is the plastic or rubber coverings on wires called?

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Why are connecting wires covered in plastic?

The (plastic) or rubber or whatever is covering a wire acts as an insulator to keep the metal parts (the conductor) of the wire from touching each other (which would cause a s

Why are electrical cables and wires always covered with rubber or plastic?

Answer The rubber or plastic serves as electrical insulation (because they are poor conductors). Without insulation, the electricity running in a bare cable would leap over

Why are copper wires covered in rubber?

The electrical copper wires are coated in rubber or plastic to ensure that no current is diverted away from where it is intended to go. As rubber and plastics make very good i

Why do you think the wires are covered in coloured plastic?

Plastic is used as it is flexible, but is an insulator (poor conductor of electricity), so the current runs down the wire and does not get transferred to anything else. It's d
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Why wires are covered with rubber?

It is because the rubber is an insulator.people don't get electric shocks that's why wires are covered with the rubber

Why house wires made of plastic or rubber?

House wires are made of copper. They're jacketed in plastic or rubber to keep from setting flammables on fire, to keep short circuits from happening and to keep things from be