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What is the plural of 'mouse' on a computer?

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Mice? Or Mouses? Really, the answer is either. Both forms are used among professionals and the general public, and both forms are listed in the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, so use whichever one you prefer.
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Plural for mouse?

Mice is the most common answer, however, when you're talking about the computer input device the plural can be either mice or mouses. Both are in the Oxford English Dictionary

What is the plural for computer mouse?

It is mouses. The plural of mouse (small furry creature) is mice, so one might think that the plural of the pointing device would also be mice. However, the two words have u

What does a computer mouse do?

Mouse are used to point, select, search, close, for a file program, picture, music, open an icons, so you can run a program, highlight text so you can copy delete or change th

What is a computer mouse?

Computer MouseThe computer mouse is the part of the computer that you hold onto to move the mouse pointer around on the screen, and to click on the links and buttons on the sc

What is the plural possessive noun of mouse?

The plural form for the noun mouse is mice.   The plural possessive form is mice's.    example: The mice's tracks led us to the gap in the basement  door.

What is the plural for Mickey Mouse?

Great question. I do believe that you would in this case say Mickey Mouses. As in how many Mikey Mouses did you see at Disney World.

Plural form of mouse?

The plural form of mouse is mice.

Why is a computer mouse called a mouse?

The computer mouse received its name from the rodent it is shaped like - a small mouse with a chubby body and a long relatively hairless tail.

What is the plural form for mouse when referring to a computer mouse?

The plural form of computer mouse is computer mice. However, the term computer mouses may be used informally in some cases. The plural of mouse (small furry creature) is mice