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What is the plural of mango?

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mangoes and mangos can both be used
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What is a mango?

A mango is the sexiest most deliciously flavoured exotic fruit in the entire world (besides the passion fruit of course). It gives you a mouth watering, wood giving, ecstatic

What is mango?

mango is a fruit that grows on trees and you eat at summer. they are good in dishes. it can be savary or sweet food.

What are mangos?

a type of tropical fruit that grows in places like Africa

What are mangoes?

The mango is a juicy tropical fruit otiginating on the Indian subcontinent. It's now found in tropical regions of most continents. For more information, including pictures, s

Is had plural?

Had may be singular or plural. --- No! We use had if the noun is singular and we use have if the noun is plural! TY!ural.

Is there a plural for about?

About is used as a preposition or adverb. It has no plural form.