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What is the plural word for canopy?

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It is canopies.
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What is the plural of the word you?

The pronoun 'you' functions as both singular and plural.   The pronoun 'you' also functions as subjective and objective.    Examples:   Jack, you may go out to

What is the plural of the word was?

Well, it is a verb, and it can't be plural all by itself, but if you mean the verb for a plural subject, then it would be the word "were." I was, you were, we were (past tense

What words do not have plurals?

Most English words fall into that category. For a start, only nouns and verbs can have a plural form. And many nouns have no plural: think of abstract nouns such as tenuousnes

What is the plural word for you are?

The pronoun-verb combination 'you are' is the singular or plural form; for example: Jane, you are next. Joe and Jane, you are next. Boys and girls, you are next.

What is the plural word for the?

The word 'the' has no plural. The word 'the' is a definite article, used to indicate that the noun that follows it is a specific person or thing. When more than one person or

What is the plural of a word?

the plural of word is words    ---   A variant of a singular noun which describes multiples. Generally  this is created using an appended letter 's' (such as  Car