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What is the political difference between programs like Social Security or Medicare and Aid to Families with Dependent Children?

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one involves means test the other does not one involves means test the other does not
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What is the difference between an IRA and Social Security?

In simplest terms, it is a privately held retirement plan which rewards you for doing something that you should be doing anyway....saving for your old age. . Social Secur

Do you pay Medicare on Social Security?

That depends on what kind of coverage you elect. Medicare Part A (hospitalization) is paid out of the FICA contributions you made during your working years, so there is no

Is Medicare taken out of your social security?

For most persons, Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance Benefits, or HIB) is free. Medicare Part B (Supplemental Medical Insurance Benefits, or SMIB) premiums are typically ded

Who enacted the social program Medicare?

Medicare, which is an insurance program, was enacted through a bipartisan vote of Congress, with the support of the administration of President Lyndon Johnson.

What is the 2011 social security and medicare deduction?

The amount that will be withheld from the employee gross pay by your employer would still be 7.65% the same amount as it was for the tax year 2010. You should get this informa

What are social security and Medicare?

Social Security provides cash payments for persons who are at least age 62 and those who are "permanently and totally disabled." Medicare provides health insurance for persons