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What is the political difference between programs like Social Security or Medicare and Aid to Families with Dependent Children?

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What party started medicare or social security?

The Democratic Party under President Franklin D Roosevelt (for Social Security, 1935), and the same party under Lyndon Johnson for Medicare (1965).

Does an inheritance effect your social security or medicare?

I would say no. Social Security payments depend on your lifetime employment payments. Medicare in health benefits help by the government. An inheritance, depending upon how mu

Who enacted the social program Medicare?

Medicare, which is an insurance program, was enacted through a bipartisan vote of Congress, with the support of the administration of President Lyndon Johnson.

Is social security and medicare considered socialist programs?

That depends on your definition of "socialist." Social Security and Medicare are financed by participants and their employers, so in that sense are probably not socialist. Med

Is the Medicare number your Social Security number?

Yes. Your Medicare card number is your Social Security number with  an alpha-numeric code on the end that indicates your status for  drawing benefits. For example, an A mean

What is the different between social protection and social security?

According to the ILO, social security is the protection which society provides for its members through a series of public measures: To offset the absence or substantial reduct

What is the difference between an IRA and Social Security?

In simplest terms, it is a privately held retirement plan which rewards you for doing something that you should be doing anyway....saving for your old age. Social Security is

Do you pay Medicare on Social Security?

That depends on what kind of coverage you elect. Medicare Part A (hospitalization) is paid out of the FICA contributions you made during your working years, so there is no c