What is the population of Brunei?

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In Brunei
Brunei has a population of 381,371 (July 2008 estimate). Nationals in Brunei are known as Bruneian(s). The country consists primarily of Malays (64%) and Chinese (20%). The predominant religions are Islam (63%) and Buddhism (14%). Although Malay is the official language, English and Chinese are also spoken.
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Who is the Sultan of Brunei?

Answer . The Sultan of Brunei is the head of state of Brunei. The royal lineage can be traced back to the 15th century. The 29 Sultans of Brunei (and their respective reigns) are: . Muhammad (1405-1415) . Ahmad (1415-1425) . Sharif Ali (1425-1433) . Sulaiman (1433-1473) . Bolkiah (1473-1521) (MORE)

How would you contact the Sultan of Brunei?

Just send a postal letter to: His Excellency, the Sultan of Brunei. Don't forget to write: VVI on left-upper side of the envelope. You also can contact Sultan of Brunei, through the embassy of Brunei in your home country. Or search in the web for Sultan of Brunei. Then check for 'contact us' or ab (MORE)

Where is Brunei?

Brunei is located on Borneo island in Southeast Asia. It is on the northern coast of the island, and is almost completely surrounded by the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Geographically, Borneo island is east of Singapore and northwest of Australia.

What is the food of Brunei?

Brunei is a small country on the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. Like any Southeast Asian country, rice is a staple food and there are many dishes involving it. Most of Brunei's food is imported from other countries. Eggs and chickens are produced locally, but not much else. The Brunei governme (MORE)

What is the climate of Brunei?

Since it is near the equator, Brunei doesn't experience the 4 seasons. Brunei has a hot and wet climate. So, it is either a sunny day or a rainy day.

Problems of fishing in Brunei?

The problems of fishing industry in Brunei are: . The annual catch fluctuates . High demand from the local made the country to import fish from neighboring countries for example Malaysia . Coral reefs which are the main breeding grounds for fish are destroy due to over-fishing . Most of the fi (MORE)

Flag of Brunei?

Let us all read the things that I actually remembered about the Bruneian Flag. . In the middle, there is a red symbol, if you want to call it that, each detail symbolizes different wonderful things that I'm not bothered to type. sorry =D It is called the 'Panji-panji" . The colours from top to bo (MORE)

In what country is Brunei?

Brunei IS a country. If you are asking in what CONTINENT, then it is in Asia. If you are asking on what ISLAND, then it is Borneo island.

What is Brunei famous for?

Brunei is a wealthy country, they have lots of rich people livingthere however they are known for their hot tourist spots andbeautiful scenary. It also has many museums, mosques and palaces.

Is there a zoo in Brunei?

the zoo in Brunei is zingleton. zingleton was named after bobby dundodo. he was 98 years old when he died

What are facts about Brunei?

These are some that I can recall right now. . there is a water village. It is like a normal village, but it is on top of water. very interesting huh. . Proboscis monkey can only be found in Brunei and Sabah. They have awesome noses. you'll see what I mean after you look at the monkeys' picture. . (MORE)

Is Dubai in Brunei?

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Brunei isn't anywhere near the Middle East, but is in Southeast Asia on the island of Borneo.

Are there Christians in Brunei?

Yes, approximately 11% are Christian. Islam is the predominant religion (67%), followed by Buddhism (mostly Chinese) at 13%.. After the Phillipines, it is by proportion the country has the largest number of Christians of any country in the Asian Pacific.

What is the religion of Brunei?

The official religion in Brunei is Islam, and Muslims make up the majority of the population. However, there are other religions practised in Brunei, such as Christianity and Buddhism.

You can be a missionary in Brunei?

yes! why not if God's will and we must pray first to the Lord, before we commit to become if i am the one who decide and we connot depend on God's will i am willing if more information just see you on my face book this e mail jade panilagao but my real name is James Robin Panilagao.

What are the negative impacts of tourism in Brunei?

The negative impacts of tourism in Brunei are similar to the impacts that almost every other country experiences from tourism: crowding, redesignation of public "local" resources as resources to be exploited for tourism, overdevelopment of natural areas and beaches, pollution and littering, the corr (MORE)

From London to Brunei how many hours?

A random search for flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Bandar Seri Begwan (BWN) shows: OPTION 1: 16hr 55min Direct flight [stops in Dubai (DXB)] LHR - BWN Royal Brunei Airlines Flt 98 Dep 09:40am 23Apr,Fri Flight Duration: 16hr 55min

How can you get a job in Brunei?

I am a Pakistani national having more than 18 years diversified experience having good health. I was associated with government owned organization known as SME Bank Ltd from 11-02-1993 to 14-10-2009. Currently I am working with Malaysian telecom company and posted at its regional office situated at (MORE)

What are the reasons for unemployment in Brunei?

Mismatch of qualifications gained and jobs needed, benefits of government sector way better than benefits from private sector, education policy keeps changing (not consistent), no minimum wage

How do you say goodbye in Brunei?

Since the official language in Brunei is Malay, goodbye is technically selamat tinggal . But no one says that. English, a second language in Brunei, is widely spoken so most people just say 'bye'.

How is Brunei divided?

Brunei is divided into 4 districts, they are: 1. Brunei Muara- the smallest district, and this is where the capital is located 2. Tutong 3. Belait 4. Temburong Hope this really helped;)

What can you do for Brunei?

To SHOW to other countries that think negative about our countries and write bad or negative stories of our country . ME Must be PROUD of ourselves living in a peaceful country name BRUNEI :D LETS SHOW THEM OUR COUNTRY IS POSITIVE AND STRONG

Why is Brunei famous?

Brunei's so famous, due to it's beautiful buildings(of course) and it's green, clean places with it's nice and friendly residents, citizens, and people. You guys should know this!

Are there volcanos in Brunei?

Apparently, Brunei doesn't have a volcano. As it is located near the sea and it is a small country(well, Brunei's not that small) Sorry to tell for those who likes volcanoes(if there is)

Is Brunei a poor country?

before the discovery of oil and gas brunei is poor but today brunei is very very very rich because of oil and gas

Does Brunei have hills?

Yes it does. One of the more well-known ones is called Bukit Shahbandar Forest Reserve and is popular with hikers.

What is Brunei folk art?

The cultural and artistic heritage of Brunei is supported by several public institutions such as the Royal Regalia Building, Brunei History Cente r, and the Arts and Handicraft Center . Brunei has a rich past which the government does an excellent job of promoting and maintaining. This nat (MORE)

Does Brunei has a unitary government?

No, Brunei is a sovereign state and a constitutional sultanate. It is ruled by a Sultan who is the head of state with full executive authority under the constitution.

What are the festival in brunei?

Observed Days *** ----------------------------------------------------------- Country Event 2011 ----------------------------------------------------------- Brunei New Year's Day Sat, Jan 1 Brunei Chinese New Year Thu, Feb 3 Brunei Maulud Wed, Feb 16 Brunei National Day Wed, Feb 23 (MORE)

How do people in Brunei celebrate Christmas?

Brunei is a staunch Muslim country. Thus, since Christmas is considered a Christian holiday, it is not celebrated or promoted on any major scale. However, some malls and departments stores do have some decorations set up, such as tinsel, artificial Christmas trees, animatronic Santas, and other such (MORE)

Is Brunei an Arab country?

No. Brunei is a Muslim country, but the people are ethnically Austronesian, just like Malaysians and Indonesians.

How do say good afternoon in Brunei?

The official language in Brunei is Malay, so "Good afternoon" in Malay is " Selamat petang" .. However, most Bruneians speak English, so saying "Good afternoon" is perfectly fine..

Is Brunei a tax free country?

Facts About Brunei Darussalam . Brunei has no personal income tax. What you earn is all yours. . The cost of living is considerably lower than in the UK. Spacious houses are available at a reasonable cost. Here are some pictures of houses in Brunei rented to teachers from overseas. . There ar (MORE)

What is the problem with Brunei?

I guess the "problem" with Brunei can be said to be similar with "problems" in a number of other countries. However, Brunei does have a pretty low crime rate and most people live above the poverty line. For the most part, the citizens are quite content, and people are cordial.

What is the money in Brunei?

The currency in Brunei is the Brunei dollar (currency code : BND ), . It has been applied in the Sultanate of Brunei since 1967. . It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively B$ . The Brunei dollar is managed together with the Singapore dollar at a 1:1 ratio by th (MORE)