What is the population of China in 1960?

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662 million
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What is the population of China?

1.3 billion Here are some estimates of the population of China over time: 2009: 1,331,460,000 2011: 1,342,640,000 (March 2011), almost one fifth of the world'spopulation. 2012

World population in 1960?

In the year of 1960, the world population over 3 billion people. In2014, the world population is close to 7 billion people.

How populated is China?

The population of China is 1.325.082.380 as of mid-2009. I have reliable sources to tell me so so this should be right!! I hope I have helped all of you students out there tha

Who was the leader of china in 1960?

Mao ZeDong was the leader of China in 1960. He took control of thenation in a communist takeover in 1949 and remained in power untilhis death 1976.