What is the population of Niue?

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Last census in 2005 claimed the Niue population was at 1700 but that was unreliable because it was during a period of cyclone rebuilding when Niue had a large number of contractors ashore. The statistics department also count people who have left recently many of whom don't return. There is a tendancy to over estimate the population for aid purposes. An honest concensus by business leaders estimates the current population at between 1000 and 1100, about 100 being non Niuean

What is population?

A population is a number of how many of one thing (humans, animals,etc.) are in one place. Example: The population of people in Sweden is about 9.5 millionpeople.

What is the capital of Niue?

Answer . Alofi is the capital cityof the Pacific ocean nation of Niue . It has a population of 614 ( census of 2001). It consists of the two villages Alofi North (pop. 256) and Alofi South, where the government headquarters are located (pop. 358).

What is a population?

A population is all the individuals of one species that live in thesame area at the same time. OR All the organisms of the same group or species, which live in aparticular geographical area, and have the capability ofinterbreeding.

Where is Niue?

Niue is an island dependency of New Zealand in the south-central Pacific Ocean east of Tonga. Discovered by Capt. James Cook in 1774, it became internally self-governing in 1974. Alofi is the capital. Population: 1,490.

What was populism?

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What is the population and population growth of Italy?

POPULATION: 60,642,308 POPULATION GROWTH RATE: .42% In the first decade of the 21st century, Italy has seen a population growth instead of population decline; due to massive immigration waves within the last two decades..

What is the populations?

As of 2013, the estimated population of the world is 7.13 billionpeople. The 2013 population estimate for the United States is 319million people.

What was the population?

The census for the population in the United States is recordedevery 10 years. The next population census reports will be done inyear 2020. The government gives all of the information to thepublic. The government also has a live clock that counts births inthe country and in the world. The information (MORE)

Where is the population?

The population is the people who live in a city or the province or the country. Example: There are about 1 billion people who live in China. There are about 300 million people who live in U.S. P.S. The population is the number of people live in the country

Is Niue a country?

Yes !.....Niue is a self-governing country in free association with New Zealand. A coral island of only 260 sq km, Niue is located about 480 km east of Tonga.

What does Niue mean?

I am from Niue and the word 'niu' means coconut, so 'Niue' meanscoconut island. im sexy m to take over our island, so we painted our clothes red (withdirt) and grabbed spears. That is how we earned the name "SAVAGEISLAND".

What is the populism?

What is Populism? . Some problems that farmers faced were monopolies. The marketplace was dominated by one or a few powerful sellers who dictated the prices. The railroad was the largest monopoly ,dominated by one or a few powerful buyers. Another problem was debt. The prices were falling dramati (MORE)

What is so special about Niue haircutting ceremony?

Like all Polynesian people, niueans love to celebrate. A major event for teenage boys is their "haircutting ceremony". Many boys keep a long tail of hair since childhood and this is ritually removed at a gathering held at the boys home, usually on a Saturday. Guests involved to the feast contrib (MORE)

Which city has the largest population and what is that population?

Exact comparisons are impossible because of the varying definitions of what constitutes the "city" population, as opposed to the urban or metropolitan region as a whole. Official census data is taken at different intervals as well. The most populous city in the world by central municipal area is (MORE)

How do you get population?

you go to Everybodys House and count how many people live in that particular House. and Dont forget to count the hobos, they count to you know even If they dont live in a house.

What is Niues natural resources?

Niueâ??s natural resources are fish and arable land. Niue is asomewhat small island in the Southwest Pacific Ocean and has one ofthe largest coral reefs.

What is the population?

June 2010: 6.80 Billion January 2011: 6.86 Billion June 2011: 6.92 Billion January 2012: 6.99 Billion June 2012: 7.04 Billion January 2013: 7.10 Billion June 2013: 7.15 Billion January 2013: 7.21 Billion June 2013: 7.26 Billion January 2014: 7:31 Billion June 2014: 7:36 Billion (MORE)

How can you be populer?

If your not popular and you want to be popluer than anyone is buy new clothes like black shirt because black shirt is the most sexy shirt not like pink or green.Than put skinny pants or leges buy new shoes like black shoes and never wear fake ugh you never know if they making fun of you put lips sti (MORE)

Who discovered niue?

captin cook was the person who discovered niue. but samoans were the first people to be on the island.

What is Amman's population and population density?

The city has around 3 million people (2011). The metropolitan area has a bit over 5 millions; making it the Levant's largest city. The metropolitan area has more population than Chicago, around the same population as Los Angeles, Paris and Ankara.

What is the unemployment rate of Niue?

10.7% (2006) I don't know where this 10% came from. If it came from the Niue Statistics department then it probably measures the amount of working age people that don't work for the government in which case it is an abomination. There is no real unemployment in Niue. Subsistence agriculture and fi (MORE)

What continent is niue?

It is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand has had a significant role in its administration.

What is the difference between population and populous?

"Population" is the number of people living in a certain place. A small town might have a population of 117. A big city can have a population of 4 million. "Populous" is an adjective meaning "filled with people". "The side streets of the town were mostly deserted, but they all led to the very populo (MORE)

Did niue fight in war?

Please contact the Museum of New Zealand for World War 2 at the link below. We found no records of people from the Cook Islands (of which Nieu is one) serving with the Royal Forces from New Zealand. The Museum Curator or assistant could help you. They have an email contact on their web site.

What is hawaiis population and population density?

Hawaii's population as of 2011 is 1,372, 810 (est.), and the islands have an area of 28, 311 km2 (10, 931 mi2) therefore the population density is approximately 82.6 people per square km or 214 per square mile.

What mitaki means in niue?

I'm pretty sure it means 'Good' . So when someone niuean ask's how you are for eg- . Malolo nakai A koe? . You would reply with-. Mitaki! . Though , i'm not sure.... .

What is the population and population growth?

Population is the amount of people (men, women, children) in one country, city, town, village, area, continent or other place. It measured in tens, hundreds, thousands, millions and billions. Population growth is the noun to the population increase. When there are more children born, the population (MORE)

When does a boy from Niue become a man?

A boy from Niue is considered a man during his hair cutting ceremony. Generally, they do not cut their hair from birth. When the boys become teenagers, a ceremony is held where women tend the hair, which had normally been cared for by their sisters, for the last time before it is cut.

What is Oman's population and population density?

Oman population in 2013 is 3,632,444 (UN data). Population structure: - 23% of people are under 15 years old; - 74% of people are between 15 and 64 years old; - 3% of population are older than 64; Data source: Open Datamart

What are common surnames in Niue?

Niue is an island in the Pacific Ocean. People that have the surname Niuean believe that their ancestors come from this island. It isnÕt clear if this is a common surname on the island.