What is the population of all the Spanish speaking countries in the world?

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According to recent research conducted by SpanishSEO.org, the Spanish Speaking Worldwide Population is estimated at 452,480,979 inhabitants as of March 2008. For more details visit the link below.
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All countries that speak spanish?

There are 21 countries that have their official language as Spanish: . Spain (in Europe) Equatorial Guinea (In Africa) Mexico (in North America) Guatemala (in Central

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While the United States does not have Spanish as an Official Language, it is included in this chart simply because it does include a large percentage of the Spanish-speaking p

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Spanish is the official language of the following countries: Bolivia Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Guate
In Europe

Name all the spanish speaking countries in the world?

Spain,Mexico,Costa Rica,Nicaragua,Panama,Peru,Colombia,Dominican Republic,Cuba,Argentina,Brazil,Venezuela,Bolivia,French Guiana,Paraguay,Uruguay,Falkland Islands,Ecuador,Trini