What is the price of a 1898 penny?

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If in England, then about 40p.
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What is the highest priced penny?

Assuming you're referring to a US cent rather than a British penny: 1793 LARGE CENT - FLOWING HAIR - STRAWBERRY LEAF - SHELDON NC-3 - ANR 09/2004:130 - $414,000 This is the highest price paid that I can find.

Price of 1819 indian head penny?

The price is absolutely nothing. It is absolutely worthless because it is a fake. We know it is a fake because Indian Head pennies weren't created until 1859, 40 years later. An 1819 large penny (Not Indian Head) could be worth $20 to $60, depending on the amount of wear.

What is the Prices of 1943 metal penny are?

Not a valid question. ALL 1943 cents were struck in metal. The question is, WHICH metal? Copper was needed for the war effort, so cents were struck in steel coated with a thin layer of zinc to reduce rusting. Over a billion of these coins were struck and many were saved, so they sell for anywhere (MORE)

Wheat penny prices?

There are too many dates to give prices for them all. See the related links for an online price guide.

What is the price for a US 1851 Liberty Penny?

About $15-20 in average condition. Please check your pocket change - you'll see that ALL coins have the word Liberty on them so that's not a motto that helps to ID any particular coin.

What are the prices for wheat pennies?

There are way too many years, mintmarks and grades to try to type out in detail. The best thing is, get a copy of Red Book or find a on-line price guide. See the related link below for an on-line price guide to wheat pennies.

Rare Zinc pennies prices?

They're not all that rare. If dirty and corroded, about 5 cents each. Really nice uncirculated examples can be bought from a dealer for $1 or $2.

What is the value of a 1898 Indian head penny in good condition?

That depends on the meaning of "good". On the grading scale of 1 to 60 good is the lowest grade(G4). These coins are very worn and have many scratches and other signs of ware on them. If this describes your coin it is worth around 1 dollar. If your coin does not show much ware then it is worth aroun (MORE)

What would 1 penny buy in 1898?

Back in 1898, one penny would buy many things. One penny would buya daily newspaper, two eggs, three or four candy sticks, ahalf-loaf of bread, or and entire loaf of day old bread in 1898.

What is the price of a penny dated 1773?

The U.S. didn't exist in 1773 and England didn't strike pennies that year. You may have a privately-minted piece or a fantasy coin. More details are needed to determine, though. Please post a new question with a description of wording and the images on the coin.

Where was 1898 penny made?

The 1898 US penny was made only at the Philadelphia mint which means it will have no mintmark. These coins are also referred to as Indian head pennies.

What is the value of an 1898 British Penny?

A British 1898 bronze Penny (Victoria), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £75 GBP. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, it might fetch anything from £4 to £20 GBP. The values quoted are the best possible for the best specimens in their grades (MORE)

What is the highest price for Australian Penny?

I cannot answer your question directly, but see the following as an indicator.. An Australian 1930 Penny is the rarest coin that has ever been released into general circulation in Australian history. Only 3,000 were minted and of those, 1,500 still exist and are trading in todays market. They are s (MORE)

What is a 1898 penny stamp worth?

This will require more research. There were many stamps issued worth a penny in the 1890's. Many different countries issued them as well. Consult a stamp catalog, check your local library, to identify exactly what stamp you have. And the catalog will also provide you an idea of the value..

Is there a picture of an 1898 English Penny?

Pictures of a specific coin are difficult to come by. Usually you should be able to find one on eBay, but the picture is withdrawn after the coin is sold.All British Pennies from 1895 to 1901 are near identical.See the link below for an 1897 British Penny.

What is the value of the Zuid Afrik Republiek 1898 One Penny?

You are asking about a One Penny coin from South Africa (KM#2). The front has an image of Paul Kruger (the 5th President of the South African Republic) and the words "ZUID AFRIK. REPUBLIEK" (slightly abbreviated Afrikaans for "South African Republic"). The back says "1 PENNY" and the date, with a co (MORE)

What are the stems when pricing a 1797 penny?

On the reverse look at the knot in the ribbon that binds the wreath. If it has stems they will extend from the knot, one pointing to the last A in America the other to the U in United.

What is the price of a 1932 wheat Penny?

Depending on condition, it could be worth anywhere from $.50 to a few dollars, but condition is key. If it is in poor condition, the value drops dramatically. Also, as with all older coins, cleaning harms the value.

What is the prices of a 1903 edwardvvII penny?

There are two types of 1903 Edward VII Bronze Penny. The normal type in collectable condition is worth around 25p - 50p. In mint state around £60 - £80. However, if the 3 in the date is an 'open 3' with the lower part of the 3 extending out further, then this is worth between £250 and £1 (MORE)

What is the value of an 1898 New Zealand Penny?

With the possible exception of traders tokens (with the traders business name on them), there were no "New Zealand" Pennies minted prior to 1940. Any Pennies circulating in New Zealand prior to 1940 would have been mostly British Pennies and some Australian Pennies.

What is the value of an 1898 wheat penny?

Wheat cents were struck from 1909 to 1958 and carry the familiar portrait of Lincoln. An 1898 cent is an Indian Head cent. Please see the Related Question for details.

What is retail price for a 1909 wheat penny?

It depends by what you mean by 1909. There are 4 varieties of 1909 wheat pennies. A 1909 with no mintmark and no "V.D.B." between the wheat stalks on the back of the coin is fairly common and sells for about $1 in circulated condition. If you have a 1909 with no mintmark with a "V.D.B." between the (MORE)

Is an 1898 repunched British Penny real?

It may well be a real Penny, but if you mean the date has been changed deliberately by the Royal Mint, probably not. There is no documentary evidence suggesting that any 1898 Pennies were over struck and is possibly a forgery. If you mean that the die has struck the coin more than once (double stru (MORE)