What is the price of an xbox 360 elite in Bangladesh?

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Its about 22,000Tk to 32,000Tk,but u can also multiply a US dollar with 75.Then the answer will come out by itself.
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Which is better Xbox 360 elite or Xbox 360?

Well... I think in general the Elite and the normal 360 are basically the same machine.. the only real difference comes in the hard drive size- where the xbox360 has a 20GB hard drive in contrast to the xbox 360 elite which has a 120GB hard drive. Apart from that i find the color and look of the eli (MORE)

How can you get an XBOX 360 Elite for free?

\n. \n“free” offers, are not really free. Ask yourself these questions:\n. \nIf they’re giving it to me for free, how are they paying for it?\n. \nAnswer: You have to give them something.\n. \nQuestion: What do I have give them?\n. \nAnswer: A lot.\n. \n* Your personal informati (MORE)

What is the difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 elite?

The Elite comes with a larger hard drive, 2-4 more USB ports (the exact number escapes me), a controller, a headset (for in-game chatting), and is less prone to hardware failure as the "lesser" XBoxes. All the other XBox 360 models are just as capable of playing games, and hard drives can be purchas (MORE)

How much is Xbox 360 elite?

Well, I got mine about 1 year ago for $299.99. And yes it was an elite. But mine came with a hard-drive, you might can get one a little cheaper if you buy without a hard drive. Hope this helps :)

Witch is better Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 elite?

It depends, the difference is the regular 360 has a smaller hard drive. I would recommend the elite because I bought a regular xbox 360 and with the map downloads and data downloads for games I later had to buy a larger hard drive. So in my opinion if I had to buy a new one I would go with the elite (MORE)

What year was the xbox 360 elite invented?

The official unveiling of the Xbox 360 occurred on May 12, 2005, on MTV in a program called MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed. The special was hosted by actor Elijah Wood and featured a musical performance by the band The Killers. The Xbox 360 was also featured on the cover of TIME (MORE)

What is better ps3 or xbox 360 elite?

The PS3 slim is more than just a game system and that has to count for something. It is an Excellent DVD player with the ability to play DVD discs at near HD quality as well as a Blu-Ray disc player. They both cost the same USA retail at 299.99, but the PS3 can have a 250 GB harddrive for only $50 m (MORE)

How much is the Xbox 360 Elite?

An xbox 360 elite from walmart costs $299. the special edition modern warfare package with a 250 g hardrive, 2 controllers, and modern warfare 2 is $399

Were can you get a xbox 360 elit?

This is the dumbest question.........ur spelling is atrocious (that means terrible) and probably just anywhere you can get a normal one.. TRY TARGET!

What the prize of xbox 360 in Bangladesh?

You can check the current xbox price in bdstall which is largest online stall in Bangladesh. Also, you will find prices for other gaming devices. http://www.bdstall.com/listingDetail/index/3928/

Does Xbox 360 elite overheat?

Every xbox has the chance of over heating from excessive game play. There are fans you can put on the back of your xbox to help it stay cool

Xbox 360 game work Xbox 360 elite?

if you mean will an xbox 360 game work on a xbox 360 elite? the answer is that it will. a xbox 360 elite is just a normal xbox but black with some extras like it is black and has a 120 gb hard drive

Can the xbox 360 elite get rrod?

all xboxs (inculding elite) have a surpizingly large failure rate look below for types 1.Arcade:33% failure rate 2.normal:33% failure rate 3.pro:20% failure rate 4.Elite:5% failure rate but to answer your question yes it can but odds are alot lower than the others for comparison PS3:1% failure rat (MORE)

What is better an Xbox 360 or the Xbox 360 elite?

i have an exbox elite but to be honest their is not really anything different exept from the colour (which is black for the elite) and the size of the hard drive (the hard drive for the elite is a bit of overkill though)

What is better Xbox 360 arcade or Xbox 360 elite?

The xbox 360 Arcarde has a 256 MB memory in place while the Xbox 360 Elite has a 120 GB. Though You can buy more memory for you're Xbox 360 if you want. The Xbox 360 Arcade's custom colour is White. While the Xbox 360 Elite's custom colour is Black. The xbox 360 Elite comes with a hard drive that al (MORE)

Does Xbox 360 work in Xbox 360 elite?

ok, i dont entirely know what you mean... do you mean connecting them to each other, or games? games work fine, and you can connect them to each other fine...

What is the cheapest for an xbox 360 elite?

I searched, "xbox box 360 elite for sale", and all i got was a bunch of websites that you had to give your email address, and I wouldn't suggest doing that. Probably the best place is at eBay or best buy.

Do you need a InterCooler for an Xbox 360 Elite?

You do not need a Nyko InterCooler for your Xbox 360 Elite to run. In fact, you shouldn't even use one for any Xbox 360. There have been a large number of cases where the Nyko InterCooler actually shortens the life of the Xbox 360 rather than lengthen it. This happens mainly because the Xbox 360 is (MORE)

Can you play Xbox 360 games in Xbox 360 elite?

YES.... the xbox elite is just another form of the xbox 360 it just has more memory but works the EXACT same way as the xbox 360, in fact it is an xbox 360 it just has added memory xbox and xbox elite are all the same wtf where you thinking

Do Xbox 360 games work on an Xbox 360 elite?

yes any Xbox plays Xbox games The previous answer (above) is not necessarily true. Yes, Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360 Elite. However, the original Xbox does not play Xbox 360 games, etc (which is why the previous answer was incorrect). Hope this helps, ~Darkeflare

Which is better xbox 360 slim or xbox 360 elite?

it depends. i would go with the elite because it has been proven to be a trusted technology. but the slim has wifi. i would go with the elite even still because many people are happy with it

Why get a Xbox 360 elite?

You tell us. If your Xbox has a small memory hard drive, just buy a hard drive. If your Xbox has broke, you need a new one but why not why a arcade edition. Your hard drive will fit in there.

Is a Xbox 360 elite the same as a Xbox 360 S?

No they both have big differences. The elite has more of a rough texture and they buttons aren't as sensitive as the Xbox slim. Another difference is storage. The elite has about 160 GB which is a fair amount, but the slim has 250 or 4 GB storage depending on the console.