What is the price of canon digital camera d5 mark II?

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$2000 for a body only non American Warranty. From there the price goes up depending on seller, lens, kit, etc. But plan on two grand for the basic new in the box paperweight. Add flash card and lens at your own choice.
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Will Canon 35mm camera lenses fit a new Canon SLR digital camera?

Lenses From 35 mm Fitting Canon SLR . Absolutely! The only trouble I have had is with a 2X converter and a 400mm lens. It would not auto focus or stop down. I still got an OK photo of the moon. I migrated ALL my lenses successfully. I think film lenses work on digital. Digital do not work on film (MORE)

Can Canon SLR lenses be used with a digital Canon Camera?

Canon EF lenses that fit Canon EOS cameras will fit all Canon digital SLR bodies. Canon FD lenses that fit Canon SLR's made before 1987 will not fit any EOS or digital EOS camera body. It depends on which DSLR you have as to which lenses can be used.

Where can you buy a Canon digital camera?

Where To Purchase Canon Digital Cameras Online, you could do a Google search for "purchase Canon cameras," go to Canon's official site, or look for them on eBay or Amazon. Offline, you can go to Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack, or similar stores. You could also try Wal Mart.

Is a Canon SD950 or Canon A720 the better digital camera?

CANON A720 - 8.00 Megapixels; 6.00x zoom (35-210mm eff); viewfinder- Optical / LCD; display size: 2.5 inch; ISO function: 80-1600; shuter speed - 15-1/2000; battery - 2 x AA; weight: (243 g). CANON SD950 - 12.10 Megapixels; 3.70x zoom lens; Optical / LCD - viewfinder; screen size - 2.5 inch; ISO fu (MORE)

Where can you get a manual for the Canon PC1080 digital camera?

you can get any manual from canon at this website. Click on download library and follow directions. I believe you are looking for the power shot A400 series, which has a product number of PC 1080 http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ConsumerHomePageAct

Why to buy Canon sx100 digital camera?

If you need a camera with great zoom specifications you need to buy canon sx100.. I've shot wonderful photos on baseball match from one side of a stadium to another one. Canon sx100 has 10x optical zoom.

Underwater digital camera housings canon?

Underwater housings for a variety of cameras are listed on a popular internet auction site. For your search, list your camera model and add the word "underwater" to see if one is listed for your model. One Canon model that has a housing available is the A570, so for it, you would search: Canon A570 (MORE)

Manual for Canon digital camera?

Canon has a download section for many of their products, including cameras. Lots of internet downloadable stuff, including manuals, are available at no charge from the following link:. http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=DownloadIndexAct

What is a Canon Elph Digital Camera?

A very small consumer-grade digital camera made by Canon. It is named after the very small Elph film camera that Canon used to make based on the Kodak Advanced Film System. The film version is no longer in production.

What is the average price for a digital camera?

The price depends on how well it is made or what features it has. Most cameras, many inexpensive, will have video and sound capability. The price range depending on resolution (Mpixels) $70 - $300. Cameras that are lightweight and super-skinny will generally cost more.

What camera is best for your needs Nikon d300 Nikon d700 canon eos 50d canon eos 5d mark ii?

It depends what you're needs are. The needs of a sports photographer are quite different from a studio portrait photographer. When selecting a camera, you need to think about what you will use it for most and from that you will be able to think what you need most from a camera body; for example, a s (MORE)

Lenses from a 35mm canon camera fit on a canon eos digital camera?

Yes, with the right mount adapter. Canon EF lenses were introduced in 1987 for Canon's new EOS auto-focus cameras. All EF lenses fit all EOS film and digital cameras. Some Canon DSLR cameras, such as the digital Rebels, have an APS-size (smaller) sensor. These cameras can use EF lenses with full a (MORE)

Why do the prices of digital cameras change?

The prices of digital cameras change because people are becoming more and more "electronically correct", so to speak. They have come up with a lot more ways to make the cameras more efficient, and it costs money to run the tests, and the cameras become more valuable, which overall, causing the price (MORE)

What is the cheapest canon digital slr camera?

The price of Canon dslr cameras varies depending on where you are looking and whether you are shopping for a new camera. A lot of different stores and websites, such as Photo 4 Less, offer a variety of cameras for a wide range of prices. How much money you are willing to spend may depend on if you a (MORE)

Is a Canon EOS digital camera an SLR camera?

It is an SLR camera in the sense that it uses the same mechanism for capturing a picture, but instead of film, there's an electronic sensor that the image is recorded on. Instead of exposed film, you get image files that you can then use for whatever purpose you require.

How much is a Canon digital camera?

The price of a Canon digital camera depends on the model. The new one that seems to be the cheapest, which would be the Powershot SX120 IS is 229 dollars.

What is the price range for a digital camera?

The price range of a digital camera can vary depending on the megapixels it has. It can be anywhere from å£50-1000. The smaller more lightweight cameras tend to cost more, and the higher the megapixels, the higher the price.

What is the price of a new Canon EOS 30D digital camera?

The prices of a new Canon EOS 30D digital camera vary on the vendor. Though this specific camera was manufactured in 2006 and there are few new cameras of this type left for purchase, one could find one on Amazon for roughly $900.

Where can a Canon SLR digital camera be bought?

Canon SLR Digital Camera can be purchased in various online and high street retailers. Few examples of online retailers include: Amazon, Very, Ebay etc. High street retailers include Jessops.

Where are Canon Digital Cameras sold?

You can find Canon Digital Cameras at your local Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and other stores containing electronics. You can also find them online at Amazon, eBay, and other online stores.

Where can you buy Canon digital cameras?

There are many places that sell Canon digital cameras. Large electronic stores such as Futureshop or Best Buy often carry a wide variety of cameras such as Canon but there are also many online camera websites such as Henry's that sell Canon as well.

Which stores offer the best prices on digital Canon cameras?

The best prices on Canon digital cameras is Office Max, Wal-Mart, Office Depot and Best Buy. The best time to get one of these is when they are on sale. Sometimes the model right before the newest model would be a lot cheaper with maybe one or two unnoticeable features may not be in the older model. (MORE)

Where can someone purchase a Canon D5?

Someone could purchase a Canon D5 from an online retailer such as Amazon. They could also go to an online Camera Specialist such as Canon, Jessops, or Nikon.

What is the Canon digital camera body made out of?

Canon Digital Camera bodies are usually made from a mixture of ABS Resin, Polycarbonate Resin, and Polycarbonate Resin with a special conductive fibre, for EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) shielding.

How expensive is the Canon underwater digital camera?

The Canon D20 (12.1MP, 5x IS Zoom, 28mm) camera is the most well known Canon underwater camera. This is available for around $295 on Amazon. If you already have a good quality camera and are looking for a cheaper option to take snapshots on your next dive, you can also consider one of the many water (MORE)

What is a new model of Canon digital cameras?

A new model of Canon digital cameras is the Powershot 160IS. There are several models that range from $169 to $499 directly from the official Canon site. You should compare prices because you can also find good deals at eBay and Amazon.