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What is the probability you being in a car accident?

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one in 100 or 10in a 1000
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Can a minor be sued in court for being the cause of a car accident?

  Answer   No you can sue the parents of the minoe, but not the minor.   Answer   The parents will be held liable & depending on how much is being sought, i

How do you start off an autobiography about being in a car accident?

This depends on your writing style and likely audience. For example, this may be a deeply personal story where you are trying to gain healing and you may not want to get artis

Being sued for car accident with no police report?

In many cases of parking lot collisions there is not a police report since it did not happen on a public thoroughfare. Still, anyone can sue anyone over anything. In the civil

What if you get a ticket for being at fault in a car accident but it's not your fault?

Sometimes a police report addresses who was more at fault and a cite may be issued. It does not mean that the other party was completely not at fault. If you ask almost anyone