What is the problem when ac not heating or cooling?

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Radiator fan not coming on in a 92 Grand Am where is the fan relay Having ac problems only cools when accelerating also some overheating problems when idling?

Answer . \nI had a 1994 Grand Am SE and it had the same problem. The fan is probaly not working. When you are going down the road, air enters the front of the car and helps cool the radiator and engine down. When it is sitting the fan should come on. It could be a relay, but it probaly the fa (MORE)

1994 grand am blows heat out of dash vents when set to defog not window vent cool air blows out of window vents when climate control is set on ac which no longer works is this a fuse or module problem?

Answer . \nThere is a small vacuum line for accessories in the engine compartment on top of the throtle position sensor that comes off and will cause this problem. very small hose...look on the intake throtle body for the sensor...it will have other vacuum hoses attached there also but this one (MORE)

Why would your Range Rover 2001 start over heating as soon as the AC is turned on It cools as soon as it is turned off The ac is also intermintenly cooling?

Answer . \n. \nI've seen this on P38's where the temp gauge rises when A.C is turned on.\n. \nIt was due to a short on the earth wire (attached to the body under engine) - temp was not actually rising, just giving a false reading.\n. \nFrom memory the gauge rose further (into the red) if ligh (MORE)

The AC is not heating on a Golf 1994 GT Cooling is perfect What to do?

Answer . First check that your coolant lines going to the evaporator aren't cap off. the other possibility is that your control knob on the instrument panel may not be executing it's task. checking the heater hose is a DIY task. The control function will require some knowledge. fish

Cooling fan does not come on until after the car is off on 1993 Honda accord If the ac is on both fans work What could be the problem?

Answer . I don't think you have a problem unless your temp gauge or light is coming on. The reason your fan comes on after you shut the car off is........ as you are driving and the car is running at operating temp, the air is flowing across the radiator cooling the coolant that circulates throu (MORE)

Why is your home ac not cooling?

Answer . \nNeed more specific information. Give more details. Is the outdoor unit running, is the indoor unit running, what type of thermostat, heatpump or straight AC.

Engine cooling and heating problems?

Answer . this is an incomplete question.only 'yes' or 'no' is possible. If it's getting too hot and there's no heating in the cab, then you need water n antifreeze. Keep it topped up! if you are loosing alot of water then find the leak n fix it....it is a silly question

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited i have no heat or ac only cool air need to fix?

A heating flap inside the dash may have broken. If your passenger and driver side have the ability to be at different temperatures of heating, having the temperatures too far apart from each other can sometimes break this flap, making the vehicle unable to give you either heat or a/c, instead it jus (MORE)

Your 1990 accord over heats in city driving with the AC on if you turn the AC off it cools down it does not over heat at highway speeds?

the ac compressor puts a significant extra load on the motor, so motor has to work harder, creating more heat. at highway speeds, there is a much larger volume of cooling air flow through the radiator helping keep it cool.. I suggest you give an inspection to the cooling system. I believe the Honda (MORE)

AC in car not cooling?

If the AC in your car is not cooling, chances are your airconditioner is needing repair. You probably have a pin hole leak inthe core of your car's heater. If your car has a cabin filter, be sure it is clean or replacedwith a new filter.

AC sub cooling reading?


AC on 99 Explorer does not blow cool air until 4th level setting or until its on Max Air what are the possible problems?

Temperature control door actuator might be shot. More likely the female slot that the male actuator pin fits into has broken in half. Ford repair is near 1000.00 cause they have to take part of the dash out. There is a do it yourself fix that worked for my 96 ranger. It involves popping the actuator (MORE)

Why is the ac not blowing the cool air?

Most likely. You just need add Freon. Real easy an cheap fix. If your Freon is full and your AC still not working. Probably gonna be your AC pump. That's not a cheap fix.

Why is the Ac on but no cool air comes out?

If the ac is on and no cool air is coming out you may not want to turn the ac on at all. When you put the ac on, verify that the compresor is actually coming on, if you can see it spiining whne turned on, you may have low refrgernet in the sytem or a blockage. It is best to have it look at. If it is (MORE)

Why would 98 cadillacs eldorado's Cooling fans only work when ac is on what could be the problem?

The cooling fans are set to come on when the coolant reaches 224 degrees (low speed) and 240 degrees (high speed). If they do not turn on (without the AC) then either your coolant does not reach 224, or the switch that turns them on and off is bad. The switch should not be hard to replace, or too ex (MORE)

How do you trouble-shoot and repair REAR heat and AC problems in a Windstar?

Yes. See "Related Links" below to the Autzone.com repair guide with detailed instructions and photos for replacing either front or rear heater cores. NOTE: Autozone now requires free registration to access the repair guides. More than worth the extra effort for these photo/illustrated instructi (MORE)

How do I fix the ac when the problem started with a loud click then steam rose from house ac and now ac doesn't cool?

When you say house ac I am assuming you mean the condensing unit outside your home. If you had what looks like steam came out then this was probably refrigerant (freon) that was venting out through a leak or hole in system. If the noise was more of a pop then a click then one of the terminals of t (MORE)

Why is your Ac running but not cooling?

I don't know about yours, but mine did that and it was full of ants that had gotten between the connectors. . Answer: . Depending on the age of your unit, it could be one of the following: . Clogged filter - remove it and clean it. . Clogged coils - you may be able to remove debris yourself, (MORE)

Trane AC heating unit stopped runningbut the breaker not blown and was cooling just fine then appeared to be no power to thermostat?

The first thing you check is your low voltage, you have a transformer inside the unit near the electrical panel or relays. Check transformer high side and low side, you should have 24 volts. Got to thermostat and check wiring your red wire should have 24 volts as well fed from your transformer. Anot (MORE)

Your home ac is not cooling?

First check to make sure that the system has freon, if not then you will have a leak then check the electrical system................

Can the water pump cause problems with heating and cooling in Taurus 96?

Yes(!) the water pump can cause problems with heating and cooling. A failing water pump is not able to properly move engine coolant - making it hard for the heater to produce warm air in the cabin. For example, you may find the heater works better when the engine is turning faster like while drivi (MORE)

Why is my car AC not cooling?

your ac is not cooling is your ac pumping or do you have a blown fuse check fuses first then have ac gas checked for correct amount if this is over full it cannot circulate properly most times it will need some added if that's not the problem you may need ac thermostat checked,expansion (MORE)

Why does a home ac blow heat until it gets about 2 degress below what it's set for and it start's blowing cool air?

That is the function of the fan/limit control on your furnace. When the thermostat nears the point where the room temp setpoint is satified it shuts off the flame. The fan/limit control keeps the fan on for a minute or so to cool the furnace down before shutting off. Conversly, if your watch your fu (MORE)

Why does AC not cool after recharging with freon?

Several times can cause this........ 1. The AC compressor is bad. 2. You have a restriction in the system. 3. You may have overcharged the a/c system. 4. You may have added too much oil back into the system.

The AC unit is first blowing out hot air when it kicks on and then it turns to cool Why does it do this and is it a problem?

There probably is no problem. When the a/c first comes on the air in the ductwork is at room temperature, or warmer if the duct runs through an unconditioned space like an attic. Once the coil at the furnace has cooled down, it can begin to cool the air that is supplied into the rooms. Try letting t (MORE)

Why doesnt the outside unit Goodman CPLE36-1 central AC unit with heat pump turn on but inside the air blows though it's not cooled and the heat only works on emergency heat?

I would first try to turn the stat up to 80 degrees turn off both breakers, one to the outside condenser and the other to the air handler inside, leave the breakers off for about 30 minutes. then turn the breaker to the out side unit first then 5 minutes later turn on the breaker for the inside unit (MORE)

What could the problem be if the ac and heat wont blow air in 05 town and country?

If you are talking about the no air movement at all, then the fan motor or switch is the most likely. An easy check for the fan motor is to disconnect the wires going to the fan and use extra wire and try a direct 12 volt connection to the fan, if it runs then the switch is the problem. Note: Ple (MORE)

What is a heat source in ac and heating?

That will all depend of the type of system being used. Heat in an A/C is generated by the compressor and the heat extracted from the air it is conditioning. Heat in a heater can come from fire (gas, oil, wood) or geothermic extraction from water under ground.

What controls cooling fan on when ac is on?

I don't think AC works the way you think it does. There is nocooling fan in an AC system.. the operation of the engine fan(which draws air through the condenser and radiator) is controlledby a thermal switch, and its operation remains unchanged with theAC on. The blower motor which pushes air throug (MORE)