What is the problem when ac not heating or cooling?

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1994 grand am blows heat out of dash vents when set to defog not window vent cool air blows out of window vents when climate control is set on ac which no longer works is this a fuse or module problem?

Answer . \nThere is a small vacuum line for accessories in the engine compartment on top of the throtle position sensor that comes off and will cause this problem. very sm

Why would your Range Rover 2001 start over heating as soon as the AC is turned on It cools as soon as it is turned off The ac is also intermintenly cooling?

Answer . \n. \nI've seen this on P38's where the temp gauge rises when A.C is turned on.\n. \nIt was due to a short on the earth wire (attached to the body under engine)

The AC is not heating on a Golf 1994 GT Cooling is perfect What to do?

Answer . First check that your coolant lines going to the evaporator aren't cap off. the other possibility is that your control knob on the instrument panel may not be exec

Engine cooling and heating problems?

Answer . this is an incomplete question.only 'yes' or 'no' is possible. If it's getting too hot and there's no heating in the cab, then you need water n antifreeze. Keep i

Your 1990 accord over heats in city driving with the AC on if you turn the AC off it cools down it does not over heat at highway speeds?

the ac compressor puts a significant extra load on the motor, so motor has to work harder, creating more heat. at highway speeds, there is a much larger volume of cooling air

How do you trouble-shoot and repair REAR heat and AC problems in a Windstar?

Yes. See "Related Links" below to the Autzone.com repair guide with detailed instructions and photos for replacing either front or rear heater cores. NOTE: Autozone now r

How do I fix the ac when the problem started with a loud click then steam rose from house ac and now ac doesn't cool?

When you say house ac I am assuming you mean the condensing unit outside your home. If you had what looks like steam came out then this was probably refrigerant (freon) that
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Is ace cool?

yes he is awsome at basketball and he plays for boronia buffaloes
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The AC unit is first blowing out hot air when it kicks on and then it turns to cool Why does it do this and is it a problem?

There probably is no problem. When the a/c first comes on the air in the ductwork is at room temperature, or warmer if the duct runs through an unconditioned space like an att
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What could the problem be if the ac and heat wont blow air in 05 town and country?

If you are talking about the no air movement at all, then the fan motor or switch is the most likely. An easy check for the fan motor is to disconnect the wires going to the f
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What is the problem with AC of capacity 1 ton the cooling is inadequate?

There may be two problems, one is your improper A/C ton capacityselection which is unfit for the area you want to be cooled. Trylowering the thermostat by five and check wheth