What is the programming language of Google etc?

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Programmers at Google work in C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript. Please see the Steve Yegge link for details.
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What is a programming language?

a language used by application software developers to createinstructions for the computer to use to run the applicationsoftware

What are the programming languages?

There are many programming languages all suitable for many purposes. (Except Java, that one is lame) The largest list of programming languages I could find is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabetical_list_of_programming_languages A programming language is a medium to solve any problem s (MORE)

What Is Programming Language?

A set of rules (code) for instructing a computer to performspecific tasks (like make a web-page, write a program, add twonumbers). Examples include HTML, C++, Java, Fortran, and Cobolamong many others.

Do you consider Google Adsense an Affiliate Program?

No. Affiliate programs will give you a share of the revenue when a user that you direct to their site makes a purchase, or pay you a set amount when a user registers for their service. Earning money from Google AdSense does not require that your users take an action such as purchasing or registering (MORE)

Which programming language is used to develop Google search?

C++ and Java are the main languages for production. Search is mostly written in C++, while a lot of the ads infrastructure is written in Java. Python is used as glue, for things like development tools and administration tools. There's a lot of other random languages here and there though - there are (MORE)

Is 8051 programming is a programming language?

8051 programming refers to the Intel 8051 micro-controller. This is a small computer on a single chip having electronic input output that is used to control simple machinery. The 8051 uses an instruction set consisting of binary codes and data that may be used to describe the algorithms that the m (MORE)

How do you get to Google in a diff language?

Open Google search and next to the search box is a link 'preferences'. Click on this and at the top of the next page is 'Interface Language' with a dop-down menu of interface languages. If you want a laugh, try 'Elmer Fudd'...

What is the programming language?

programming language is an high level language which helps an programmer to create a coding(using which the required task will be performed by computer).. C,C++,Java are some programming languages.using which programmer can create an software.. computer student.

What programming language is used for websites that are self-generating profile websites like Facebook dating websites etc?

Welcome to Web 2.0! Facebook, is 'Ajax' gone mad. Basically Ajax (JavaScript HTTPRequest()) allows the page to send and receive data asynchronously from the server. This means the page does not need to refresh. This type of javascript work is commonly used along side a server-side language su (MORE)

How many languages is Google offered?

345 languages is COMPLETELY WRONG. Taken from the Google website: Google Site Search is available in nearly 40 languages. You can choose an interface language for your Google Site Search search box and results page in the Basics tab of your control panel. Let's try actually going to the site (MORE)

What is language translation in programming language?

I think what you are looking for is an English like translation of the programming logic. If this is what you are looking for, then the language translation of a programming language is called Pseudocode. Pseudocode is the practice of breaking down programming logic into English like meanings. Howev (MORE)

Programming language developed by Google?

It's called "Go" or go-lang. More details could be found on their main website: http://golang.org/ I must note, that this language is still in development process and is supported only on Unix type operating systems (Linux/BSD/Mac OS X)

How do you change the Google Chrome language?

wrench menu>options>Under the Hood>Languages and spell-checker settings>Add>scroll down to your language of choice>OK>Select language you just added>Display Google Chrome in this language and/or Use this language for spell checking>Make sure you close all Google Chrome windows and reopen them for th (MORE)

Is Programming a language?

No, but of course there is a programmers' slang. And programming is done with so-called 'programming languages'.

Is Google a program?

No, it is a web page but, Google Chrome is. Another Answer Google is a company. The company's major product is software -- a search engine available online using google dot com -- that many people use to find Internet sites. Google also develops other software, some free and some that you can (MORE)

Can you save programs to Google Docs too?

You may be able to save the code written for the program, if you have access to it. You cannot save the compiled, operational version of any program on Google Docs. Depending on the type of document you're working with, you may be able to insert a link, which you could use as a route or path to a (MORE)

What can you do with programming languages?

Everything that you can see done on a computer, from playing games, using webpages, or even clicking icons on your desktop. Programming languages can be used to create programs that control the behavior of a machine and/or to express algorithms precisely.You can do anything form writing single add (MORE)

What is program language?

Do you mean Program Design Language? Program Design Languagen is a method for designing and documenting methods and procedures in software. It is related to pseudocode, but unlike pseudocode, it is written in plain language without any terms that could suggest the use of any programming language or (MORE)

How do you change language on Google Chrome?

Click the Wrench icon on the browser toolbar. Select Options ( Preferences on Mac and Linux). Click the Under the Hood tab and go to the " Web Content " section. Under the Web content section there will be a button saying " Languages and Spell Checker settings "

How do you change the language in Google Earth?

You can change the language displayed in Google Earth. Click Tools > Options then click 'General' tab and pick the language setting. Note the first entry 'System Default' corresponds to the language used by your computer. If, however, the language is changed to one where you can no longer navi (MORE)

Is Java the best programming language to develop an operating system - I want to know if Java is capable of producing a good operating system except other languages like C plus plus Python Ruby VB etc?

No. Apart from anything else, Java must run in a virtual machine. The only way to write an OS that runs in a VM is if the VM exists in firmware. Even so, the level of abstraction in the VM would make it unworkable. Java does not have any direct access to the hardware, which is a prerequisite for any (MORE)

What language is referencement google?

It is a French site. The site teaches people how to get their web pages to be featured in the top positions in online results. It is a pay site though.

How do you change Google maps language?

if u have an account with google, (it still works if u haven't, u juz leave this first sentence out), when u sign in u will see a tab labelled, 'maps' just below toolbars, along with 'images', 'documents', 'gmail', etc. choose 'maps' and then clik on the 'earth', ' map' , or 'satellite' and u will (MORE)

What are programming language and program coding?

programming language is just kind of a different language that we use to communicate with other , in same way we use these language to communicate with machine . Programming code is the built in code which is understood by only programmer & the machine

Is machine language a programming language?

Machine code is a programming language; it is the only languagenatively understood by the machine. All other languages must beconverted to machine code in order to execute.

What languages can be translated by Google Translator?

There are sixty five languages that currently are able to be translated by Google Translator. These languages are Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian,Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, (MORE)

What language is Google ES in?

This link is in many foreign languages, thus making it be able to translate into everything. It is usually coded in computer web designer language and thus is read the same way universally.

How do you change Google Map language?

Google offers its websites in a number of languages. Google Maps automatically displays place names in the local language of each country. If you visit the web site in the US then the country of origin is detected and the default is English. Likewise, visiting Google Maps from Mexico would show the (MORE)

What is the program Google AdSense used for?

It is used to maximize advertisers revenue. This program ensures that a company's advertising dollars are well-spent by placing advertisements on websites that will be viewed by their target market. It generates billions of dollars per year and is mutually beneficial to both the advertisers and the (MORE)

What language is Google LV written in?

Google LV was mostly written in C#, XAML, and MSBuild. This should not be confused with the google URL for the country code of Latvia whose extension is LV.

What does Google reseller program have to offer?

The Google reseller program allows resellers to sell Google's Enterprise products to customers around the globe. There are reseller programs for Google Apps, Google Enterprise, Google Earth and Google Maps available.

What does the program Google Picassa do?

Picasa is a program that is provided free of charge from Google. Picasa allows people to edit and organize digital photographs. One may upload entire hard drives full of photographs or even just individual photographs to edit. There are also free guides available online to explain how to get the bes (MORE)

What is the program Google MX used for?

Google MX is used to tell which machines will accept incoming mail from your domain and where your mail will be routed through. DreamHost is the site that houses this data, and it acts as an app for Google.

What is the Google program Adesense used for?

Google AdSense is used by website owners, primarily to enable them to earn money. The AdSense program uses information about a website, user location etc., in order to generate advertisements that may be of interest to the website user. If a user clicks on an AdSense banner, the website owner will o (MORE)

Which programming languages do what?

HTML creates webpages, C++ and Java can make programs like games. Those are just the basic ones. You can see a list of them at: http://www.ukessays.com/essays/computer-science/programming-languages-and-their-types-and-uses.php

Can you program Google on Khan Academy?

No, if you try than Oh noes will pop up. This will happen because Google programming is not the same as KhanAcademy plus, Google is copyrighted material.