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This is the logical proof that Sabah does not belong to Malaysia - Malaysia has manufacture the Cobbold Commission saying that the people of Sabah has wanted to be under them. The fact that the Federal Constitution of Malaysia does not say Sabah is part of Malaysia but under the administrative partnership in governance. All Malaysian Federation has a Sultan but Sabah has none because the Sultan Of Sabah and Sulu are one. If Sabah is part of Malaysia why different system is use not the approved Federal law of Malaysia. It is not clear until today the status of Sabah because Sabah did not join Malaysia ,it was included as a partner to Malaysia as Yong Teck Lee , president of SAPP always point out.

The historical Proof that Sabah does not own by Malaysia - way back 1878 Sabah was Leased by a Private British Company ,the lease was transferred to the British Government without the consent of the owner ,The Sultanate of Sulu . In 1963 , the British transferred Sabah to Malaysia again without the consent of the owner. Never you can see in the original "Lease Contract of 1878" that the lease is transferrable nor British Government or Malaysia is mentioned as party or entity to the contract. Malaysia cannot just walk into the contract which was contracted even before they got their independence in 1963

The Legal Proof that Sabah does not belong to Malaysia -- in 1939 ,the high Court of North Borneo has come out with the Ruling that Sabah belongs to the Sultanate of Sulu . The letter of Administration was given authorizing the audit and inventory of the property to Datu Punjungan Kiram ,son of Sultan MawalilWasit, this Letter of Administration is signed by Judge McKaskie of the High Court of North Borneo.The High Court of NorthBorneo also identified the nine principal heis entitled to received the monetary rental. The Letter of Administration has never been implement ted to this day due to World war II and after the turmoils to the hierarchy to the throne but the monetary rental was served .
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