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What is the prosess called when a baby grows in the mothers womb?

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Pregency Or Fetal Growth
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How does the baby grow inside the womb?

First, the penis must be inserted into the vagina. The penis will release the sperms (male sex cell) into the womb. Then, the sperm meets the egg (female sex cell). Then, they

How does a baby grow in the womb?

it makes the womans belly bigger which makes her fatter then it pops out of oher minge making her hole stretch and might rip her pussy hole.

How does the baby grow in the mother's womb?

basically the baby is first a embryo and then when it comes to the uterus is when the baby starts to grow its ears mouth nose legs feet hands arms head and all the other parts

How does a baby get oxygen from the mother when its in her womb?

The baby receives oxygen from the red blood cells which are carried through the placenta from the mother to the child. The un-oxygenated blood cells then return to the mother

How does baby grow in the womb?

The First Trimester By the time an embryo makes its way into the womb and attaches itself to the uterine lining, it has developed from a single egg into an embryo complete wi

Where does a baby get its food from in the mothers womb?

The developing baby (the fetus) gets its nutrition and oxygen from the mother through the umbilical chord; this chord is connected to the baby in the place of the belly button

The baby growing in the womb?

Is called embryo or fetus .

Can the baby grow in the womb if it has no heartbeat?

No, I'm sorry if there is no heart beat there will be no baby. By 5 weeks there should be a detectable heart beat, by 6 weeks the heart beat can be heard with a transvaginal u
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Can babies hears when they are in their mother womb?

Once the ears are fully developed, muffled noises probably can be heard, but the part of the brain responsible for long term memory (memory longer than 20 minutes old) isn't f