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The purpose of the business is to fill a need. Money comes after. So, Basically Money is secondary. You should focus on a need to succeed the business. Filling that need with something that makes money will make the business grow and succeed.
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What is the purpose of online internet business?

The purpose of online internet business is best for time saving andgain more profit many company give the offer to start own businesslike sararecharge.com it give the faciliti

What is business travel purpose?

The purpose of business travel is to take care of business for a  company. Common examples include attending meetings or seminars,  traveling to meet with a client, or deliv

What is the Purpose of procurement in business organizations?

The purpose of procurement within a business organisation is the:extraction of maximum value from each Supplier for the benefit of the businesses goals/objectives;reduction of

What is business telephone directory purpose?

A business telephone directory has the listings of all the telephone numbers needed throughout the company depending on what company it is. For instance, a hospital's director

What is the purpose of business communication and its role in business?

The purpose of Business communication is to convey in a best possible manner the core reason behind the initiatives such as to retain clients, maintain cordial relationship wi

What is the purpose of a business search engine?

The purpose of a business search is to locate a specific business or a solution for a particular problem that a normal search wouldn't be able to properly narrow down.

What is the purpose of business plan?

The business plan (bp) serves two primary purposes: 1. The bp provides the company's guidance (objectives, strategies and tactics) for reaching the company's goals, and 2.

What is the purpose of a business letter?

The purpose of a business letter is to convey information. A business letter can: informrequest informationrequest an actionrespond to an inquiryrespond to a request for acti
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What is the purpose of business intelligence management?

Business intelligence management is used in corporations to transform raw data into a form that is valuable to the organization. Through the use of business intelligence manag