What is a analogy?

An analogy is a sentence used to compare to entities. Analogies areuseful in teaching critical thinking and the ability to identifycomplex relationships. For these reasons ana (MORE)

What are examples of purpose analogies?

Analogies dev elo p higher level thinking skills. They encourage learners to look at a relationship between 2 words. The learner then looks at a third word and provides a 4th (MORE)
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What are analogies?

They all take similar form: RAIN is to COAT as ____ is to SUIT. Think of a relationship between two things, any two things at all, as long as they have a relationship. The (MORE)

What is the purpose of an Analog-to-Digital converter?

Most real world signals are analog in form. Sound and light have infinite values without distinct, separate levels. People are very good at seeing and hearing these signals an (MORE)

What the purpose of the diode rectifier used with a ac analog voltmeters?

The analog voltmeter uses a dial, which changes its position in accordance with applied voltage - however, this voltage must be DC in order for this to work (it's through eith (MORE)
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What is the purpose of analogies in problem solving?

An analogy is a comparison between two unlike things using a sharedcharacteristic. The purpose of analogies is to solve problems bymaking it easier to understand and approach (MORE)

What is the purpose of the MODEM in reference to analog and digital signals?

A MODEM (i.e. MOdulator-DEModulator) is a device used to interfacea digitally encoded signal with a communication channel designedonly to carry analog signals. It does this by (MORE)