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Income tax is used by the government to create programs that sustain us as a people on a national level. Specifically, income tax is used mostly (53%) for social security, followed by defense/army, municipal, and enforement of law.

The exact breakdowns are in the US Budget, which is published yearly by the OMB and is available to any American upon request or via their Web site.
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Do federal student loans count as income for tax purposes?

  No. Student loans are borrowed money, and is not considered "income;" therefore, you do not include them on your taxes.

Why is the residential status of an assessee important for income tax purpose?

The residential status of an assessee is important for income tax purpose for following reasons.   1) It is important to make sure that the person being assessed belongs to

How do you enter paid survey earnings on form 1040 for income tax purposes?

Use form 1099-MISC to report earnings from paid surveys rather than form 1040. You would use form 1040 to report income from an employer who provides you with a W-2 form, howe

What is Before tax income - after tax income?

Before tax income is all of your gross worldwide income added together and that amount would be your before tax income. After tax income will the amount that you will have lef

What is an incom tax?

Income tax an amount of tax that is due on your TAXABLE INCOME amount for the tax year.

Do loans count as income for tax purposes?

No, only that money which you earn or interest from investments count as income and it is only income that is taxed, not money that you borrow.

What kind of tax is income taxes?

 Tax on personal income (PIT) - is the main type of direct taxes.  This tax is calculated in percentage terms of the total income of  individuals less documented expenses

What is income tax?

Answer   It is the tax levied against you for income you earned from employment or a business.   Answer   Taxes you pay on most types of income.

What is Before tax income after tax income?

Before tax income is gross income less allowable deductions and  rebates = assessable income.   After tax income is assessable income less the applicable income  tax

What is the purpose of income tax in the Philippines?

The main purpose of our government in imposing taxes is to raise fund enable for them to work, because taxation is the strongest power of the government and therefore, it is h

What are income taxes?

Income Tax is an INDIRECT TAX. The Supreme Court has made this  point very clear in 1916 only 3 years after the 16th Amendment,  commonly referred to as the Income Tax amend

What does the income tax do?

Income Taxes don't do anything.   In fact, here's a direct quote of the the 1984 "Grace Commission"  report to the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.