What is the racial slang term for Italian?

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What is a slang term?

a slang term is a word used instead of the "official" terminology, and made common by use.

What racial mix are Italians?

Italy has along history of immigration and we know for certain the Greeks populated south Italy around 5000 BC and the Celts arrived in north Italy around a couple of thousand

What slang words are used for Italians?

Slang words for an Italian male and an Italian female are Romeo and Giulietta . They're proper nouns, from the play 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare [baptized Apri

What is the English translation of the Italian-American slang term 'goomba'?

" Friend " is an English equivalent of the Italian American slang term goomba . Specifically, the Italian American word is an Americanization of the Italian word compare

What does polo mean as a slang term?

In Costa Rica, the word polo is used to describe a person, object or situation that would be considered lame in terms of acceptable popular social standards. Other terms that

Is valentino Italian slang for valentine?

No , " Valentino " is not an Italian slang equivalent of "Valentine." Specifically, the Italian word is a long-established masculine first name among Italian language speaker
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What does the term racial profiling mean?

Racial profiling is a term that is used to describe the practise of substituting one's skin color for evidence as ground for suspicion. This is mostly used in police work, and