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What is the ratio of sheep to people in Wales?

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75% sheep 25% people. 8.9 million sheep and 3.1 million people
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How many sheep are in Wales?

One of the most important parts of the economy of Wales is sheep  farming. It is estimated that there are more than 11 million sheep  in Wales. Sheep farming accounts for ab

What's the ratio of people to sheep in New Zealand China Australia and the US?

it is said that there are 3 million people in New Zealand, and 60 million sheep. So the ratio there is 20/1. That is just for New Zealand. I dont think that there is that many

Why are there so many sheeps in Wales?

  Wales has a lot of upland pasture (mountainside slopes which are low enough for good grass, but not suitable for arable farming). Such pasture is not suitable for Cattle

What is the average feed ratio for sheep?

  In livestock operations (including sheep), efficiency of converting feed into muscle mass is critical for success of the farm. The feed to gain ratio is a unitless numbe