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What is the ratio of sheep to people in Wales?

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75% sheep 25% people. 8.9 million sheep and 3.1 million people
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Who are the people of south Wales?

They are a Celtic race of the Brythonic lineage. The Celtic peoples are divided up into two racial sub-groups, the Brythonic and the Goidelic. The Goidelic groups in the Briti

How many sheep and people in Wales?

There are about 3 million people living in Wales... and 11 million sheep... that's about 3 and a half sheep to every person...

Who are some famous people from Wales?

Owain Glyndwr, Henry VII, David Lloyd George, Richard Burton, Tom Jones, Ryan Giggs, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins, Fron Male Voice Choir, Llanelli

Why are there so many sheeps in Wales?

  Wales has a lot of upland pasture (mountainside slopes which are low enough for good grass, but not suitable for arable farming). Such pasture is not suitable for Cattle
In Wales

Where do most people live in Wales?

The majority of people who live in Wales live on, or near, the coast. The inland of the country is mountainous. Not to an uninhabitable level (people in the Alps and the Vosge

What is the ratio of men to woman in Pembrokeshire Wales?

Shwd Mae boio. Ow's it going en? Right then, in Pembrokeshire the ratio of horses to female human beings is 10:1 you see. So when we calculate for the men, we need to do the