What is the ratio of sheep to people in Wales?

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75% sheep 25% people. 8.9 million sheep and 3.1 million people
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Who are some famous people from Wales?

Owain Glyndwr, Henry VII, David Lloyd George, Richard Burton, Tom Jones, Ryan Giggs, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins, Fron Male Voice Choir, Llanelli Rugby Club. Catherine Zeta Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Jones,. roald dahl.

How many sheep are in Wales?

One of the most important parts of the economy of Wales is sheepfarming. It is estimated that there are more than 11 million sheepin Wales. Sheep farming accounts for about 20 percent of theagricultural industry of Wales.

What do people in Wales wear?

Clothes, just like they do in England, USA, Australia and elsewhere. Ppeople in Wales are just ordinary people, they do not wander around wearing a so-called national costume (which was a Victorian tourist invention anyway).

How do people in Wales travel?

Wales is connected to England by a number of mainland rail links and roads. Wales also has airports and it has ferry links with Ireland. The people of Wales use the same forms of transport as the rest of the population of the United Kingdom and indeed as the rest of the western world.

Famous people from Wales?

There are a LOT of famous people in Wales and here they are: Actors/actresses . Keith Allen (born 1953) . Stanley Baker (1927-1976) . Rob Brydon (born 1965) . Richard Burton (1925-1984) . Timothy Dalton (born 1946) . Josie D'Arby (born 1973), actress and presenter . Gareth David-Lloyd (bor (MORE)

Why do people go to Wales on holiday?

People vacation in Wales because of the spectacular scenery, dramatic coastline and beaches, wide range of activities and the numerous historic sites, museums, castles and ruins. Wales has excellent walking and mountain biking trails. Annual events in Wales include the "Man vs Horse Marathon" and (MORE)

Who are the most famous people in Wales?

Keith Allen (born 1953) actor - father of Lily Allan Stanley Baker (1927-1976) Actor ( ZuLu Rob Brydon (born 1965) (Gavin and Stacy) Richard Burton (1925-1984) Hollywood actor Timothy Dalton (born 1946) (Jame Bond Actor) Josie D'Arby (born 1973) (also presenter) Ryan Davies (1937-1977) ( (MORE)

Where do the Wales people originally come from?

I'm not 100% but , just... from wales? it's a reeeeeeeeally old place , the welsh language was definetly around looong before the English language , and apparently its one of the eldest languages along with Gaelic... so i just presume that so were the welsh people.

Why would people visit Wales?

It depends on who's going. They might be visiting because their ancestors grew up there or they're simply visiting a relative or just going on a holiday. But, and I mean this is a kind way seeing as I grew up and still live in Wales, it is raining a lot.

Why do people call wales 'Welsh wales'?

This generally means "Welsh-speaking Wales" -- a reference to those areas of the country where the Welsh language is commonly spoken, although sometimes people say "Welsh Wales" when they simply mean those parts of the country which look and feel "very Welsh". It's a translation of the Welsh phra (MORE)

What's the ratio of people to sheep in New Zealand China Australia and the US?

it is said that there are 3 million people in New Zealand, and 60 million sheep. So the ratio there is 20/1. That is just for New Zealand. I dont think that there is that many in china, america, and australia. A2: . The sheep to person ratio in New Zealand has dropped to 8 sheep per person for 2 (MORE)

Why do people migrate to wales?

Because they want to live there, they have got a job there, they have relatives there or they have inherited a house there are probably all valid reason.

Why do people come and live in Wales?

Different people probably have many different reason including, relocating because of a new job, becoming a residential student at a Welsh college or university, retirement, moving to live closer to relatives and simply wishing to live in Wales.

How do people use transport in Wales?

Wales is part of the United Kindom and it has the same forms of transport as the rest of the UK; trains, road transport, ferries, ships and even airplanes. The people of Wales use these forms of transport in exactly the same way as anyone else would.

Does people in Wales have MySpace?

There are no barriers to prevent people who live in Wales from accessing Myspace so I'm sure that plenty of people who do live in Wales do use it.

Why do people go to Wales?

Different people no doubt have many different reasons for going to Wales including, holidays, days out, visiting historic or scenic places, visiting relatives, shopping, going to a beach, climbing, fishing, horse riding, mountain biking, motorcycling, driving, to work, to live there permanently and (MORE)

Why are there so many sheeps in Wales?

Wales has a lot of upland pasture (mountainside slopes which are low enough for good grass, but not suitable for arable farming). Such pasture is not suitable for Cattle (which prefer level fields) but makes excellent grazing for sheep. This is also the reason why Scotland and New Zealand are prim (MORE)

What is the average feed ratio for sheep?

In livestock operations (including sheep), efficiency of converting feed into muscle mass is critical for success of the farm. The feed to gain ratio is a unitless number that expresses how well an animal converts feed into mass. For example. If an animal has an average daily gain of 500g and consum (MORE)

How many bald people are in Wales?

Impossible one to answer! People lose their hair at varying rates in Wales as in any other nation, in addition to which there will be constant variations between those who move out of the country and those who move in to live there. It also depends upon how you classify 'bald'- just bald on top, or (MORE)

Do people speak Gaelic in Wales?

Most people speak English, around 21% speak Welsh which is a Celtic language but not Gaelic (which is spoken in Ireland and Scotland). There may be some Welsh who know Irish or Scottish Gaelic, however.

How long have people lived in Wales?

Probably since just after the end of the last ice age, around 10,000 BC. The first people in Wales were Capoids from Morocco, who went to Ireland from there in 9000 BC. They were hunter-gatherers, but also liked to look for gold. In addition, human ancestors like Homo Heidelbergensis lived in Wales (MORE)

What is the ratio of sheep to humans in New Zealand?

In 2007, there were around 38.5 million sheep and just over 4.2 million people. Assuming these numbers have changed little since then (which by all indication they haven't) the ratio of sheep:humans in New Zealand is around 9.2:1 .

Where do most people live in Wales?

The majority of people who live in Wales live on, or near, the coast. The inland of the country is mountainous. Not to an uninhabitable level (people in the Alps and the Vosges live in far less hospitable environments), but the coastal area has all the best farmland, and nearly all the mineral weal (MORE)

Famuos people from Wales?

the spelling of famous is that way nd there are many famous welsh people if you follow the link you will see the list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Welsh_people

What is the sheep to people ratio in New Zealand?

There are about 40 million sheep in New Zealand, and about 4 million people. The number of sheep is once again increasing, but it will be a long time, if ever, that it reaches its historic high of about 80 million.

What is the main occupation of people in Wales?

There is no single main occupation, but these days, most people in Wales work in retail, the service sector (i.e. banking, insurance, mains services, local Government etc.), agriculture, and manufacturing, especially in high-tech industries such as computer manufacture, specialist electronic compone (MORE)

What religion are the majority of people in Wales?

The Methodist Church after breaking away from the Church of England, soon found a strong following in Wales. They preached to the Welsh coal miners and farmers and to this day, Wales is the most Methodist anywhere in the UK. The Anglican Church is the 2nd largest church followed by the Reform Church (MORE)

What is the ratio of men to woman in Pembrokeshire Wales?

Shwd Mae boio. Ow's it going en? Right then, in Pembrokeshire the ratio of horses to female human beings is 10:1 you see. So when we calculate for the men, we need to do the cardboard equation relating to a Nissan Micra chwel. To do this now, we need to pop up to the valleys you see, up there is a (MORE)

Can people talk to Wales?

yes because they can hear you they can talk to you to but you just don't understand what they are saying

About people from Swansea Wales?

Well, where do I start? I'm from Swansea, and I wouldn't describe myself as chavvy, but a lot of people there are. They are the type on chavs that have financial problems but still think its cool to buy expensive cars and jewelry or whatever. But some people from Swansea, are nice folk =) Th (MORE)

How do people govern themselves in Wales?

Wales has a devolved Parliament called the Senedd, which has 60 members and is presided over by a First Minister. It holds elections every 5 years. The Senedd has complete autonomy over the areas of transport, housing, health, education, local Government, the environment and several other aspects of (MORE)

What do people do jobs wise in wales?

Nowadays, the bulk of Welsh employment is in retail, the service sector, manufacturing and agriculture, although some heavy industry still exists. There remains a big steelworks at Port Talbot in Glamorgan, and several huge oil refineries at Milford Haven in South Pembrokeshire, as well as some larg (MORE)

What do wales people call santa?

The Welsh name for Santa is 'Sion Gorn' ( pronounced 'Shwn Gorrn' with the 'r's rolled). This translates as 'John Horn', the horn referring to the shape of his hat. It may also originate from ancient Pagan rituals dating back to pre-Christian times, when Midwinter Celtic divinities sported animal ho (MORE)

Who are the people of south Wales?

They are a Celtic race of the Brythonic lineage. The Celtic peoples are divided up into two racial sub-groups, the Brythonic and the Goidelic. The Goidelic groups in the British Isles are known as Gaelic, and include the Irish, Scots and Manx. The Brythonic group includes the Welsh and the Cornish, (MORE)

What people called from Wales?

They are known as Welsh. A popular term that is used as a term ofabuse that is intended to deride the Welsh is to use the word asslang for being dishonest, deceitful and lying, but this is not infact the real generic origin of the word. The term 'to Welsh onsomeone' applied originally not as a sligh (MORE)