What is the ratio of the number of seconds in a day to the number of hours in a day?

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Number of hours in one day?

There are 24 hours in a day, 48 in two, 72 in three. All you need to do is add 24 to all the before hours.

How do you Calculate the number of seconds in a day?

Convert 1 day into smaller units of time until seconds are reached. 1 day = 24 hours ....as 1 hour = 60 minutes then 24 hours = 24 x 60 = 1440 minutes ....as 1 minute = 60

What is the number of days in 129000 seconds?

Do this step by step, you will do the final calculation yourself of course. Step 1: List what you know about time. 1. 1 min = 60 sec. 2. 1 hr. = 60 min 3. 1 day = 24 hr 4. We