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What is the real name of David Bowie?

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David Robert Hayward Stenton Jones actually
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Name no1 hits in UK for david bowie?

  Less than I thought...   SPACE ODDITY   ASHES TO ASHES   UNDER PRESSURE (with Queen)   LET'S DANCE   DANCING IN THE STREET (with Mick Jagger)  

Do you know a gothic type band that has the word christian somewhere in its name He Has a real dark voice Voice is a little similar to David Bowie?

Christian Death. They're an OS band from L.A., most popluar during the mid-80's (and one of my faves in high school.) "Only Threatre of Pain" was their first album, and

Why did david bowie change his name?

Because he was becoming famous at the same time as the monkeys and they had a singer called Davey Jones, so David Bowie changed his name from David Jones to make it easier for

How did David Bowie get the last name Bowie?

  He changed it from Jones to avoid being confused with the Monkees singer... He took the name Bowie from the knife... You'd have to ask him why... Better than David Swi