What is the regulation for the Navy on how many Kia bracelets one can wear in uniform?

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KIA bracelets are considered jewelry just like any other bracelet, regardless of their symbolic meaning. The regulation for wearing jewelry in uniform applies unless otherwise changed by the local command.
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Why do you have to wear uniforms?

School Uniforms should be worn because it prevents people from using clothing as signage to represent their chosen lifestyles or gang affiliations. Also, many kids in urban neighborhoods do not have a large variety of clothes and/or designer brand cloths, so the uniformity that uniforms provide is a (MORE)

Why do you wear uniforms?

Uniforms are worn for a number of reasons. Here are a few: . So all students look smart, . So no students are bullied about the clothes they wear, . So that pupils are identifiable to the school, . So all students look the same, . So that children have something practical and sensible to wear (MORE)

What uniforms did the royal navy wear in world war 2?

Not a great different from the uniforms worn today. Some details have changed; for example the King's crown was worn during the King's reign and the Queen's crown has been worn since the present Queen came to the throne. Officers peaked caps were generally blue-topped during the war, but are white t (MORE)

Is it ok for the groom to be the only one wearing his Military uniform?

yes, but check with what the wife wants. They have been picturing this day forever and may just want you to wear a tux. Also if you wish to have an arch of steel (the swords that you walk under) the military people that do the sword thing should be in uniform and rate a sword (officers, marine ncos, (MORE)

How many schools in the US require students to wear uniforms?

The previous answer is very untrue. Public schools run by the state are not required to wear a uniform but in privately run schools most do wear uniforms or have a very strict dress code though some do not. It all depends on who it is run by.

How many people wear school uniforms outside school?

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Who can wear the navy uniform?

Active duty Navy, Naval Reservists, and Navy Veterans (assuming they can fit into their old uniforms) are authorized to wear Navy uniforms. For Veterans though, their discharge must be under conditions other than dishonorable.

Can you wear Army unit medal on Navy uniform?

Yes... but only under certain circumstances... "only while actually attending meetings or conventions or while participating in parades or other ceremonies as a member of these organizations." US Navy Uniform Regulations Section (NAVPERS 1566.5) Chapter 5 Section 3 (awards) part 11 5311. (MORE)

Can you wear a Hawaiian lei in navy uniform?

Under military uniform regulations, absolutely not. "Flowers" of any type are not authorized as a uniform device for any regulation Navy Uniform. However, having said that, it is a long standing tradition for sailors to be decorated with lei's upon arriving in Hawaii, and Naval Commands tend to o (MORE)

Navy veteran wear uniform to wedding?

All veterans who discharged under honorable conditions (or anything other than dishonorable or BCD) are entitled to wear their uniforms, provided they can still fit into them and project proper military bearing.

How many schools wear uniforms and what schools?

I don't think I could tell you specifically how many schools wear uniforms, however, I can tell you that there are more non-uniformed schools out there. Majority of the schools that require uniforms are catholic, but some are special program schools.

Is it against Navy Regulations to carry a Bible in Uniform?

Absolutely not - the Navy, as with all the military branches, respects everyone's religion. The only regulation is that religious devices or objects not interfere with a uniform or daily duties. Carrying a bible to a church service doesn't interfere with duty, nor is it a part of the uniform. Nav (MORE)

How do you tell when a Navy servicemember is an officer depending on the different types of uniforms they wear?

Officers and Enlisted members all have different uniform devices that distinguish their ranks and particular assignments, rates and fields. For Officers, on dress uniforms, their rank is shown by gold sleeve stripes and gold stripes on shoulder epaulets(boards). If their jackets are off, they have c (MORE)

Why does the Surgeon General of The US wear a Navy Uniform?

The surgeon general wears a uniform because the organization of which she is the chief, the U.S. Public Health Service, is a uniformed service. It is not required apparel but is said to command more respect and authority when at official events and disseminating information.

How many schools wear uniforms in America?

Most schools in the US do not have a uniform. You will find uniforms at Catholic school. As well as other private schools. Public schools typically don't have a uniform.

How many uniforms does the US navy have?

A lot I've been in for 8 months and I have 6 different uniforms I think. That's just distinct basic sets. My cammies the NWUs (navy working uniform) the NSUs (black n tan for E6 n below, all tan for E7 and up to O10) the coveralls, the dress blues, dress whites,and our ungodly pt gear the yellow shi (MORE)

Can you wear army ribbons on navy uniforms?

Yes you can. According to Chapter 5 artical 5301-5319 of theNavy Uniform Regulation any military decoration earned whileserving in the army may be worn behind it's Navy equivilent (i.e.the navy equivilent has precidence over other branches). The onlyacception to this is the Army Service Ribbon which (MORE)

Why do some employees of FDA wear Navy uniforms?

Those personnel are Commissioned Officers of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC). The PHSCC is under the United States Department of Health and Human Services, of which the FDA is a division. The PHSCC is one of the seven uniformed services in the United States. Though their (MORE)

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Can the Navy wear their camo uniforms in public?

Regulations state the Navy Working Uniform (camo) can only be worn to work, on the job and home. If you're drving home and have to stop for gas, food or quickly stop at a store, etc you may but you can't just wear them around all day

Where can one shop for navy uniforms?

One can shop for navy uniforms when one goes to US Navy Uniform Shop or Uncle Sam's Outfitters. One can also do their uniform shopping online by going to the official websites of these shops.

Where can one shop for navy uniforms online?

There are several online sources where one can shop for Navy uniforms. Navy Exchange, Marlow White and Military Uniform Exchange are websites where Navy uniforms are available for purchase.