What is the regulation for the Navy on how many Kia bracelets one can wear in uniform?

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KIA bracelets are considered jewelry just like any other bracelet, regardless of their symbolic meaning. The regulation for wearing jewelry in uniform applies unless otherwise changed by the local command.
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Who can wear the navy uniform?

Active duty Navy, Naval Reservists, and Navy Veterans (assuming they can fit into their old uniforms) are authorized to wear Navy uniforms. For Veterans though, their discharg

Can you wear a Hawaiian lei in navy uniform?

Under military uniform regulations, absolutely not. "Flowers" of any type are not authorized as a uniform device for any regulation Navy Uniform. However, having said that,

Navy veteran wear uniform to wedding?

All veterans who discharged under honorable conditions (or anything other than dishonorable or BCD) are entitled to wear their uniforms, provided they can still fit into them
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How many uniforms does the US navy have?

A lot I've been in for 8 months and I have 6 different uniforms I think. That's just distinct basic sets. My cammies the NWUs (navy working uniform) the NSUs (black n tan for

Can you wear army ribbons on navy uniforms?

Yes you can. According to Chapter 5 artical 5301-5319 of theNavy Uniform Regulation any military decoration earned whileserving in the army may be worn behind it's Navy equivi
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Where can one shop for navy uniforms?

One can shop for navy uniforms when one goes to US Navy Uniform Shop or Uncle Sam's Outfitters. One can also do their uniform shopping online by going to the official website