What is the relationship between gonad and gamete?

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The gonad is the organ that makes gametes. The gonads in males are the testes and the gonads in females are the ovaries. The product, gametes, are haploid germ cells.
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What is a gonad?

The Gonads are organs in animals that produce sex cells: ovaries in the female, testes in the male.

What are the gonads?

Gonads are basically sex glands that are responsible for the secretion of Testosterone for males and estrogen and progesterone for females. .

What do gonads do?

I'm pretty sure gonds are another name for testicles..... So...

What are gonads and which are they?

Gonads is a slang term for testes. They concern the male reproductive organs. *UPDATED* although gonads are used commonly as a slang word for testes, the scientific meaning

What is the relationship between somatic cell and gamete?

There is no specific relationship between them. Somatic cells are cells that form the body (or body cells). The contain diploid (2n) number of chromosomes. They divide by m

The relationship between gametes and zygotes?

A gamete is also known as a "sex cell". These are the egg and the sperm. Zygotes are fertilised eggs. This means that when the female gamete is fertilised by the male gamete
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What are Gonads?

The Gonads are generically the organs that produce gametes that isthe testis in a man or an ovary in a woman. However, in the vernacular form the term is usually used to refer