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What is the relationship between marginal product and average product?

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1.when tp increases mp decreses. 2.when tp is at his highest point, mp is 0. 3.when tp decreses ,mp becomes negetive.
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Relationship between average propensity to consume and marginal propensity to consume?

APC | MPC / It refers to the ratio of absolute consumption absolute income at a particular point of time. | It refers to the ratio of change in consumption to change in

Explainthe relationship between the average cost and marginal cost curve?

    We usually assume that the Average Cost curve is U shaped     The MC curve will intercept the AC curves at its minimum point.   When AC is decreasing, MC

What is the relationship between productivity and quality?

Example: When you have a high quality raw material, you may have a low defect/reject. This may lead you to have high productivity. Productivity = Output / Input. Raw material

What is the relationship between capital and productivity?

You can't produce something without capital unless you have an inventory of the ingredients you need to produce it. For instance, if you wanted to make a recipe for chocolate

What is the relationship between stores and production department?

the production dept will prepare store requisition and send it to the store dept. the store keeper will issue the goods accordingly, posting of the goods in the system to tra

Draw a diagram with marginal product and average productExplain the relationship between marginal product and average product?

Marginal product is any input in the production process is the increase in the quantity of output obtained from on additional unit of the input. Average product is the output

What is the relationship between marginal cost average total cost and average variable cost?

In the short run (which is what this question is about), as output increases, the average total cost decreases where the marginal cost is below it. First you have to realise

What is relationship between average product and marginal product?

Marginal product is equal to average product when average product is maximum Marginal product determines the behaviour of the Average product. AP rises, reaches maximum and
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Explain the relationship between average revenue and marginal revenue?

Average Revenue: Total revenue divided by the number of units sold. Marginal Revenue: Is the extra revenue that an additional unit of product will bring. It is the additional

What is the relationship between quality and product?

The relationship between quality and the product is important as the quality of a product is what sales the product. Quality means a lot to me, I will pay for good quality pro