What is the relationship of the letters N.Y.I.W.C. to the New York infirmary for women and children?

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The relationship between N.Y.I.W.C and New York Infirmary for Women and Children is that N.Y.I.W.C is the abbreviation of that.
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How can your new spouse adopt your children from a previous relationship?

A person can only adopt the biological children of a new spouse if the other biological parent is willing to relinquish his or her parental rights or if those rights have been permanently terminated by the court. A biological parent cannot be forced to surrender his or her rights to their child or children by the other parent, but they can have them forcibly terminated by the court. In all 50 US states the persons seeking adoption must be represented by an attorney licensed to practice in the state where the adoption will occur.

What does it mean when a new boyfriend has a history of moving in with most women he begins a relationship with?

Men & Living Together . \nI can answer this one from personal experience. My boyfriend at the time had an extensive history of dating and living with women for long periods of time. What I learned was all he really cared about was himself and his own needs. Having this information clearly in front of me, I refused to allow our relationship go beyond a year without a commitment. I told him I would walk away, AND I MEANT IT. He proposed shortly thereafter and we have been married for 22 years. Moral of the story -- don't stay in a relationship because you're desperate. Men have no respect for women who allow themselves to be treated badly, and will continue to do so as long as you put up with it.

Does New York approve of spanking children?

NEW YORK Neglecting a child includes unreasonably inflicting or allowing the infliction of harm or substantial risk thereof, including excessive corporal punishment. Fam. Ct. Sec. 1012.[Ci.] Parent/guardian/other person with care and supervision of person under 21, can use non-deadly physical force when and to the extent he reasonably believes necessary to maintain discipline or promote welfare of person force performed upon. Penal Sec. 35:10.[Cr.] Aka you are allowed to hit your child; you are not allowed to leave marks/bruise or use any objects.

What did the Women do in Colonial New York?

Women in Colonial New York worked hard. They took care of theirfamilies, cooked, cleaned, took care of the animals, and made itemsto sell in order to make money for the family.

Can the new wife be responsible for paying child support for her husband's children from other women?

Answer #1 Nope. The divorce decree and the subsequent child support agreement, have nothing to do with the husband's new wife. She also has no say whatsoever in any arrangements have been made or will be made in the future pertaining to the prior divorce. Answer #2 Depends on the state. Some states calculate child support based on "household" income. So if the father owes child support and he gets re-married, his new wife's income is included in the "household" income and the child support obligation will go up. The same is true for the other parent as well. If the mother is receiving child support and she gets re-married, her new husband's income will be included in the "household" income and the child support obligation will go down.

How were women treated in the New York colony?

Life for women in the New York Colony was difficult. They workedhard and had a lot of responsibility. They were expected to marrybefore they reached the age of 25. They were not treated with loveand romance. Marriage during that time was for convenience andeconomic reasons.

What did the women do in the New York colony?

Although a common belief is that women would marry at a young age, before the age of 15, most colonial women did not marry until their early 20s but before the age of 25. If a woman was not married by the age of 25, it was socially humiliating. Most men, however, did not marry until their mid-to late 20s. Typically, marriage in the colonial era was for economic benefit and to improve social standing, not for romantic reasons, and both men and women were pressured to marry and to have large families. Many marriages in the colonial era were arranged by the families of the prospective bride and groom. Common belief is that once a woman was married, under the law of coverture, all her inheritance, property, earnings, etc. would become the sole property of her husband, however many women entered into a marriage having signed a prenuptial agreement which stated that her property would be returned to her in case of a divorce. Also, because of mortality rates, it was not uncommon for a man or woman to be married three, four, or even five times in their lifetime. Colonial life was extremely difficult and exhausting. For women, especially during the war years, they had to take on the roles of their husbands as well as keep the roles they had been given. Colonial women were expected to run the household; they were expected to cook meals, make clothing, and doctor their families on top of cleaning, making household goods to use and sell, taking care of their animals, maintaining a fire, and even tending to the kitchen gardens. During the war years when the men were away, women had to work on the farms performing the plowing, sowing, harvesting, and bringing the crops to the markets to sell just as their husbands would do. What was considered "woman's work" varied slightly based on location During the war years (the French and Indian War and the American Revolution--the start of which ended the colonial era), some women followed their husbands and sons into war, acted as nurses on the battlefields, and even took up arms to fight against the oppressing powers that be. One young woman from New York, Sybil Ludington, the daughter of Col. Henry Ludington who commanded the 7th Dutchess County Militia in Carmel, New York, became famous for her night ride on April 26, 1777 to alert American colonial forces to the approach of British regulars towards Danbury, Connecticut. Although the militia forces lost the battle, she is still regarded as one of the heroines of the Revolution; on her night ride, she rode twice as far as Paul Revere (and although there were other riders who helped Revere, Sybil was the only rider that night) and she was only 16-years-old. Women were more than just housewives, they were the lovers AND the fighters and took on many roles throughout history, and the colonial women in New York were no exception to that.

What were some of the games the children played in colonail new york?

Boys played with playing balls with feathers in the ball and checkers. Girls would play. with wooden hoops and dolls. the dolls were made out rags,corn husks and wood.. . kids in colonial played hide and seek ,tag and charades. four corners and much more games. and they also played sports to i think.. Boys played with playing balls with feathers in the ball and checkers. Girls would play. with wooden hoops and dolls. the dolls were made out rags,corn husks and wood.. . kids in colonial played hide and seek ,tag and charades. four corners and much more games. and they also played sports to i think.

What ages children can work in new york?

children should work in new york because it develop them and in new York you can make lots of money (make sure some one is watching you like a babysitter or your mom or dad ) (it is very dangerous out in NY)

What are some famous women were born in new york?

Some famous women from New York include:. Whoopi Goldberg (actress), Lady Gaga (singer), Ira Gershwin (lyracist), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (judge), Maggie Gyllenhaal (actress), Scarlet Johansson (actress), Norah Jones (singer), Alicia Keys (singer), Madeleine L'Engle (author), Eleanor Roosevelt (First Lady), Barbra Streisand (singer and actress), Raven Symone (singer and actress), and many, many, many others!. For a really good list of famous people from New York (both male and female), I recommend: . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_New_York_City

Is spanking of children legal in new york?

Spanking of children is legal in NY State and most others. However, spanking that leaves a mark may be considered excessive and would not be considered legal. You should know that there are more effective ways of disciplining a child that do not include corporal punishment (spanking). Check out 10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child at LINK.

What can you do with children in New York City?

There are many books on things to do with kids in NYC. I suggest Central Park as a great place to play. There are a lot of playgrounds, and you can go to the zoo, the merry go round, or just run around in one of the only grassed places in the city.

How many women are there to every man in New York City?

I have heard many times that there are 8 women for every 1 man, or 4 women for every 1 man, or 6 women for every 1 man (depending on who you're talking to) in New York City. However, I found a couple of websites that seem pretty reliable, which say that the actual ratio is pretty close to 50-50 in all age ranges. But it is pretty complicated as there are a lot of different factors to consider. See the Related Links below.

Why do women always bring forth the pain of a past relationship into the new relationship?

Some scars doesn't heal very rapidly or easily Try to talk about it with your partner, in the most caring (not blaming) way possible; that bringing up a problem/situation/painful experiences from a past relationship means you are still in that relationship, when you are ready to move on we will both be happy. Tell her you support her and understand her but what happened in the past is not of your control in this present to enjoy.

What is the New York League of Puerto Rican Women Inc?

The New York League of Puerto Rican Women, Inc. (.nylprw.org) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization whose mission is the advancement of Puerto Rican and Hispanic women through higher education by providing them with the financial support necessary to obtain their college degree. The League is the only organization in New York State whose focus is the Puerto Rican woman and her ability to provide a better life for herself and her family through higher education. The League strives to present College Awards each year to Puerto Rican undergraduate women selected for their academic excellence and service to the community. They do this by depending solely on the support and generosity of the community. The League looks forward to upholding this tradition at their College Awards Gala Dinner Dance at the Marina Del Rey in the Bronx, New York. The Gala will be held on Thursday, August 18, 2011. The League would like to increase the number of College Award recipients, and in order to do so, they look to the generosity of friends, members, supporters, donors and sponsors to accomplish this goal. The League also asks that you spread the word throughout the community about their College Awards Program so that all eligible students can apply. The League welcomes you to look at their web site: .nylprw.org , for information on their College Awards Program, eligibility criteria for College Awards, past College Award recipients, 2010 College Awards Gala Dinner Dance Honorees, , the 2011 College Award Application Form, Membership Application, and Sponsorship/Donation Form, all of which can be downloaded at www.nylprw.org. The League also encourages you to join their organization as a Member, Sponsor and/or Donor in support of their College Awards Program, and to participate in their activities.

What do you do about childrens relationships?

Well .. it depends on the age, But if its an appropriate age.. i suggest you meet the person.. get to know them... and give your child your advie torward the relationship.. if they choose not to take it then they will have to learn the consequences.. but always remember ... if your child is happy .. then you should be (:

Does the state of New York recognize Hawaii reciprocal beneficiary relationships?

No. Although the state of New York recognizes out-of-state comprehensive registered domestic partnerships that are substantially equivalent to legal marriage, Hawaii reciprocal beneficiary relationships offer only limited rights and benefits and are NOT substantially equivalent to legal marriage under Hawaii law. Therefore, they are not recognized as legal marriages for purposes of New York state law..

What happens to child support when children refuse to visit in New York State?

Child support and visitation are two separate issues so nothing will happen with the child support. It must be paid as usual. And the children are minors and do not have a say in visitation. It is the parents legal responsibility to uphold the court order so they just have to make the children go. The children can choose when they are 18yo or if you go to court and have the order modified. There are many situations where children say no but that is where we need to step in so they do not make the mistake of losing the relationship with a parent. Children do not always know what's best. . Court orders must be followed until they can be modified by returning to court and placing the issue before the judge. Generally, a child is not free to decide not to visit until they reach eighteen years of age. A custodial parent who doesn't honor the standing visitation order is in contempt of a court order and the court can order a modification of the custody order if the contempt continues. A child cannot refuse to visit the other parent until they reach eighteen years of age in virtually every state in the United States. When a child refuses to visit the other parent the primary custodial parent must first take steps to determine the cause of the refusal. A professional may be of help at this time. The child may have legitimate reasons and once identified both parents must work together to address the problem. The non-custodial parent may need some advice on how to spend quality time with the child so the child feels both welcome and comfortable in the non-custodial parent's new environment. This is a common mistake made by non-custodial parents. The child misses them and looks forward to spending time with them but that time comes and there is a stranger present. The child's comfort level plunges. Being forced to spend visitations with people other than the parent is not a good idea until the child has had a chance to adjust to the new family dynamics between the child and the parents. The dynamics of coping with the father's new partner should come much later. Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements can make a child reluctant to go for visits. If there are other children in the picture (belonging to the non-custodial parent's new partner) they should be allowed to develop a relationship gradually . A common problem arises for the child whose non-custodial parent makes no special notice of the child during visits and expects the child to spend their time with those other children as part of a new "family unit". In those situations the child has lost a special parent-child connection with the non-custodial parent. The option of spending some private quality time with their parent should always be an option. If the child's concerns are serious and the non-custodial parent will not cooperate, the custodial parent may need to return to court for a modification of the visitation order. On the other hand, when the situation is evaluated by the court it may find that parent alienation is at the root of the difficulties and if serious, the custodial parent may well lose physical custody to the other parent. Alienating a child against the other parent causes irreparable and long lasting harm. .

Where can one buy a womens pea coat in New York?

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