What is the relative location for United Arab Emirates?

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How many emirates are there in the United Arab Emirates?

There are seven emirates that form the UAE and these are: . Abu Dhabi (the capital) . Dubai . Sharjah . Fujeirah . Umm Al Quwain . Ajman . Ras al Khaimah Abu

The United Arab Emirates is located on which continent?

The UAE is actually located along with Saudi Arabia and an numberof other Middle Eastern states on it's own tectonic plate, whichlies between the African, Asian and European p
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Where is the United Arab Emirates located?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a small country located on the continent of Asia. It is situated on the Arabian peninsula in the south east, south of the states of Qatar and
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In which United Arab Emirates city is the DIFC located?

Assuming that DIFC stands for Dubai International Finance Care, the DIFC's HQ is at Dubai, United arab Emirates. They aim to provide a platform for business and financial ind