What is the religion of comoros?

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what are the religion of comoros?
99% of Comorians practice Islam , they are sunni Muslims, less than 1% Christians
Practicing other religions here is tough and almost impossible.
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What is the capital of Comoros?

The capital city of the "Union of the Comoros" is Moroni . (The country is Comoros , while the archipelago, which includes the French island of Mayotte, is the Comoro Is

Who is the President of Comoros?

Ikililou Dhoinine is the President of Comoros. Dhoinine became the President of Comoros on 2011 May 26. He previously held the position of Vice-President under President Ahme

Who is the leader of Comoros?

The government of the Union of the Comoros, a small island nation off the coast of eastern Africa, is lead by a President. The current President is Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Samb
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Is comoros a country?

It is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean. There are many islands, but the country consists of four major islands