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In Belgium
In Belgium, most of the population is Roman Catholic, however due to secularisation, faith now lost her importance.
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Where is Belgium?

In Europe, with France to the west, The Netherlands to the northeast and Germany to the east and south. See the related link for a map and more information.

Where are the battlefields in Belgium?

A lot! Belgium is located in the center of Europe and has often been invaded over the past 2000 years. The most famous battlefields would be: . Battle of the Golden Spurs (1302); . Waterloo (1815); . Flanders Fields (1914-1918); . the Battle of the Bulge (aka Ardennes Offensive; 1945)

Who is the king of Belgium?

The head-of-state of Belgium is King Philippe (also Filip), born April 15, 1960. Philippe became King of the Belgians on July 21, 2013 upon the abdication of his father Albert II (born June 6, 1934).

Who is the President of Belgium?

The present of Belgium is Albert II and the current prime minister is Yves Leterme. His name is Discaveri minovsi, i learnt about ir in history.No, I'm from Belgium and we don't have a president. Belgium is a kingdom and our king is called king Albert II. Nobody, generally a Kingdom has no pres (MORE)

Does Belgium have a government?

Yes she does. Due to a wish to make profound institutional changes in their country they are having some trouble getting along, but she definitly has a gouvernement.

Is Belgium in Holland?

No. Belgium is a separate country, south of The Netherlands. Holland (The correct term is actually 'The Netherlands', North and South Holland are just two of the provinces) did own Belgium until 1830.

Map of Belgium?

Go on to google and type in map of belgium....you will find hundreds. Go on to google and type in map of belgium....you will find hundreds

Why are you religious?

Assuming this question is aimed at Muslims (since the topic has an "Islam" tag to it) most are Muslims because their parents are. Environment does increase the probability of one accepting the standards and beliefs that they are surrounded by.. However, in terms of Islam, that is not necessarily th (MORE)

Are you religious?

Yes, a Christian. Personally I'm not. Religion is the worst thing to ever happen to mankind. Stalin had it right. Answer: I have no idea about the first answer. I totally disagree. I am a Christian, I love the Lord. Being Religious has nothing to do with know or worshiping God. Relig (MORE)

What lakes are in Belgium?

Belgium has 16 major lakes. These lakes are Donkmeer, Grand Large,Ixelles Ponds, Lake Butgenbach, Lake Eau d'Heure, Lake Eupen, LakeGenval, Lake Gileppe, Lake Kraenepoel, Lake Neufchateau, LakeNisramont, Lake Robertville, Lake Ry de Rome, Lake Schulens, LakeVirelles, and Lake Warfaaz.

What is the weather in Belgium?

The current weather in Belgium is 50 degree's Fahrenheit. It is a10 percent chance of rain. There is 94 percent humidity.

What do they grow in Belgium?

they grow corn =]. As well as potatoes, barley, sugar beets, wheat, tobacco, strawberries, cherries, pears, apples, peas, leeks, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, brusselsprouts . Dunno if farming animals count in your question but they also raise cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys.

What religions do they have in Belgium?

Almost solidly Roman Catholic. The second largest is Islam (6%) Very small minorities of Jews, Protestants and Anglicans. Hinduism and Sikhism are growing but are not recognised by the Government, but it does not deny them the right to practise Same as everywhere, catholics , protestants , Je (MORE)

What are Belgiums exports?

I know they export large amounts of Beer. I am not sure if this is their largest export, but it is a sizable one.

What does Belgium import?

An example of some of that stuff that Belgium imports is shoppingbags, jewelry, veggies, fruit, furs, rugs, spoons, forks, knifes,markers, pencils, and magnets. Belgium imports tulips, dogs, and socks with cars on them

Is Belgium in Africa?

No it isn't. There were not enough black people in our country (it was a close call tho) so Africa refused our admittance and they cramped us between Holland, Germany, France and some cold sea. Mind you Belgium used to rule a large chunk of Africa called the Belgium Congo ( now Zaire, Democratic r (MORE)

What does Belgium do?

belgium is mainly famous for brewing hundreds of beers... they are also famous for chocolate, waffles, lace, and for being the capital of Europe by housing the offices of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. Belgium is also home to NATO and the BENELUX. Belgium is also famous for his adva (MORE)

What are the religons in Belgium?

"The Religons in Belgium" is a part of movie series about a fictional family, the Religons, visiting various countries. A religon is also a polygon with sides numbering reli.

Foods in Belgium?

Amazing beer, THE best chocolate in the world, fries, .... Those would be the major ones I guess. Are cuisine is strongly related to the French cuisine. Belgium is known for it's good food. That I can assure you.

How do you get to belgium?

it depends where you live From the south, cross France and continue north /keeping to the west. From the east, cross northern Germany and continue (not too far north because you might get to the Netherlands. From the north, cross The Netherlands and continue south. From the west, cross central Engla (MORE)

Why be religious?

i believe it started with the Greeks in believing in what we call today greek myths. The gods were the immortals to look up to in harsh times, such as disease or bad weather. Answer religion gives people something to hold on to when there is not much else left. it can also be used lazily, like (MORE)

What is the Belgium landscape?

It's a small country, and with 10 million people living in it.... There are a lot of buildings and houses everywhere. But on the countryside and in the South of Belgium there are some wonderful cities and forests and such.

Is Belgium unilingual?

No. In the region of Flanders (North) people speak Dutch, in most of Wallonia (South), people speak French and in the very east of Wallonia there are a few towns (Eupen, Malmedy, Sanct-Vith) where they speak German. The capital, Brussels, has two official languages, French and Dutch, but many other (MORE)

What holidays in Belgium?

July 21st is National Day. Being a Christian country, they celebrate the standard holidays. These include Easter and New Years. They also celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th.

Does Belgium have beaches?

yes we have 1 very long continuous sand and dune beach along our Western border in fact that beach is our western border

What is belgiums climate?

An average climate with four seasons. Average temperatures during winter of 4 degrees Celsius and in summer 18 degrees. Average day temperatures are from 5 to 22 degrees. Average rainfall from 50 to 80 mm / month.

Who is not religious?

The funny thing is that religion is one's belief system. Whether you believe in God, Allah, Vishnu, or nothing at all, you have a belief system which in turn constituates your religion. Webster's dictionary defined religion as a worldview based on a creator, or all powerful entity which you worsh (MORE)

Where is Belgium situated?

Belgium is situated in France. It is a french speaking country and there are many little villages in it. There are many football players who come from Belgium too.

What are Belgium frites?

frites is the french word for french fries. Belgium is known for its frites which if very good. It's made of special potatoes which are fried twice, the double action makes it more crunchy. It's usually being served in a cone of paper and added with a desired sauce (Mayonnaise, Cocktail. samurai And (MORE)

When was Belgium free?

After the Belgian Revolution took place in 1830-'31, the Belgian government declared itself no longer to be part of the Netherlands , which it was since Napoleon lost at Waterloo in 1815. There is no specific date, however the National Holliday is held on 21 July, in 1831 being the date the firs (MORE)

What is next to Belgium?

to the north there is Holland, to the east there is Germany and Luxembourg to the south there France to the west across the north sea there is the U.K

What are the resources in Belgium?

Belgium has a highly industrialised economy, making many engineering products, lots of beer, steel products, and mining coal and gypsum.

Who is religious?

Anyone who has a spiritual belief system structured upon specific definitions pertaining to the nature of God and existence.

Why does Belgium exist?

Belgium exits Because Spain didn't want to lose the 17 Netherlands in a revolt and invaded the place. The Current Belgian-Dutch border is where the Dutch stopped the Spanish. Belgium became independent because Belgium wanted to.

Who are religious?

Religious generally refers to a member of the ordained clergy or a member of a religious order of brothers, sisters, nuns or monks.

What is a Belgium river?

A Belgium river is meaningless. Asking what a Belgian river is, the answer would be: a river that flows in the country of Belgium.

What is Belgium the capitolm of?

Belgium is a country, not a city. It is not the capital of anything. An organisation called the European Union has most of its head offices in Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium. The European Union is an organisation, not a country, so neither Belgium or Brussels is its capital.

What does Belgium mean?

a country of northwest Europe on the north sea. inhabited in ancient times by the belgae, the region was part of the roman and Carolingian empires before breaking up into a number of feudal states during the middle ages. ruchi

Is Belgium in Amsterdam?

Is Cuba in Miami? Belgium is a country in Western Europe. Amsterdam is a city in The Netherlands, another country in Western Europe.

Are you Flemish if you are from Belgium?

Not necessarily. If you are from Belgium, you can either be Flemish, Walloon or inhabitant of the Brussels-Capital Region. In any case, if you are from Belgium, Belgian is what you are..

How did soccer get to Belgium?

Same way as it got to most other European countries: it was introduced in the late 19th century by people who had seen it or played it in England, where it had been popular since the 1850's.

Who is a religious?

all religion stared by Nimrod , 4000 BC . years after the flood , for one thousand years after the flood there was only God worship . this is history so don't vote for someone 's opinion . PS. God hates Religion . Hey gust the Catholics have killed about 200,000,000 million documented !! , Napoleon (MORE)

What is Kineopolis in Belgium?

The Kinepolis Group is a Belgian chain of movie theaters that started in 1997 that consists of 23 cinemas, which is a total of 317 theaters.Kinepolis has received over 22 million visitors.

Why is Belgium in EU?

Because it wants to be. In 1957 it was one of the six founding members of the European Economic Community, the organisation that eventually became the EU. Belgium has been an active member throughout, with its capital Brussels, being the location of many of the main offices of the EU.