What is the religon of Ethiopia?

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almost all but 40 percent is orthodox and 40 protestant and 15 Muslim ,4 percent the others like Jew

Where is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is on the Horn of Africa, but not quite on the east coast of Africa. Its neighboring countries are Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Eritrea. To see a close-up map of the Horn of Africa - which shows Ethiopia in relationship to its neighboring countries - see the Related Link. Eastern (MORE)

What is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is one of the oldest countries in the world dating back more than 3000 years, the birth place of coffee, one of the few countries that was never colonized, mentioned in the bible about 45 times and home of Lucy - the oldest full human fossil ever disco (MORE)

What is the religon of Egypt?

Mainly polytheism , or the belief in many gods, but some groups of people mainly focused their religon on one god

What is a religon?

a religon is a belief of people of how they got here. all different religions contain a god someone who watches over them.

What is Canada's religon?

Religion in Canada is characterized by diversity, tolerance and harmony. Canada is a multicultural society with a rich mosaic of religious, cultural, and ethnic communities. Consequently, its demographically heterogeneous population includes many faith groups who live side-by-side in relatively pea (MORE)

Which religon is right?

Muslims are right i did a survey but the others belief *Jews *Christians *Hindus ..I disagree. I believe the true religion is Catholicism because Jesus died to save us and create the religion that would save our souls and win us eternal happiness. I knnow you may not understand so if (MORE)

What Is Cubas Religon?

Cuba's religion is mainly Catholic. Santeria is also practiced. It is a mixture of Catholic elements and recognize 16 deities.

What religons do China have?

ANSWER: There are multiple religions in china most of which are outlawed. There is an extremely large Christian population but the christian churches are illegal and remain "underground". There is also a plethera of buddists most commonly from Tibet which remains under disputed Chinese control. Some (MORE)

What is the religon in china?

There is more than one religion practiced in China, althoughBuddhism is practiced most often. Other religions practiced areTaoism, Christianity, and Confucianism.

Religons in UK?

theres all diffrent religions some are roman catholic Islam Hinduism judaism buddihism hope i helped fabulous answer

What is Antarctica religon?

There are no countries on Antarctica and no permanent population, therefore, there is no requirement for it to have a religion.

What is the religon of Brazil?

Brazil is a highly devout country, and until recently wasoverwhelmingly catholic. Currently 65% of Brazilians are catholic,22% are protestant, 8% are non religious, and 5% believe in otherreligions.

Which religon is the best?

Well im a christion but all religions are the same, Muslims go ahead and a very strong about there culture which is a good thing. whatever religon you are you should follow it which mulims are good at.

What is protestant religon?

A protestant religion is one which grows from an established religion, in protest at what the older church is doing, whether because of action, inaction or a conflict in interpretation. In Christianity, this includes all of the many Protestant churches, such as Anglicanism, the Mormons and the JWs (MORE)

What is Poland's Religon?

Poland is a chiefly Roman Catholic country, which of course does not mean it is the only religion there - there are also many Protestants, Muslims, Jews and the Orthodox, not to mention members of other faiths, but the main religion is Catholicism.

What religon is France?

About 33% of the population are athiest, 14 % agnostic, and 26 % "indifferent" which means they don't care. Only 54% of the French population profess to belong to an organised religion, of which Catholic is the largest.

What is the Japanese religon?

Shinto and Buddhism are Japan's two major religions. They have co-existed for hundreds of years. Most Japanese are not very involved with religion aside from births, marriage, death, and religious festivals such as Matsuri. However most Japanese describe themselves as Buddhist, Shintoist or both.

Is atheisim a religon?

The word atheism comes from the Greek meaning "without god," and atheism is a disbelief in or denial of the existence of God (or gods), so it wouldn't be a religion. . An atheist believes that God does not exist, which cannot be proven. This would seem to make atheism a matter of faith, but not a r (MORE)

What is the religon in Spain?

The majority of Spanish residents are nominal Roman Catholics, but there are significant Islamic, Protestant and Anglican communities in Spain.. Catholic

What are the religons in Belgium?

"The Religons in Belgium" is a part of movie series about a fictional family, the Religons, visiting various countries. A religon is also a polygon with sides numbering reli.

What is the religon of Panama?

The major Panama religion , followed by the masses is Roman Catholicism, which is practiced by about four-fifths of the population

What is Sweden's religon?

Sweden's main religion has changed tons of times, mostly because of immigration. Today however the main religion is Christianity.

Is Muslim a religon?

No. Islam is the Religion. A Muslim is someone who follows Islam. Example: I am a Muslim and Islam is my Religion.

What is the religon in Samolia?

Im assuming you mean Somalia not Samolia, if so then it is a Muslim religion with less than one percent of the Somalian population is Christian,

What was Buddha's religon?

Buddha' s religion was Buddhist. A way that you can remember that is: Take away the "ist" And add a small "a", Now you have the word Buddha And that's that for today! More information: The founder of Buddhism. Lord Buddha was a prince, who forsook the comforts of a palace to seek enlightenment. He r (MORE)

What is the Roman's religon?

They started out with a religion copied almost exactly off of the Greek religion, as they lived close to each other when Rome was still just seven palisade villages close together. Later on, Constantine brought the Christian religion with him to the office of emperor, and made it the official religi (MORE)

What is the religon for Ireland?

The original religion for Ireland was catholic but when the British invaded some were converted to the protestant religion. But even now the catholic religion is still the most major in the country.

Why is religon necessary?

It is an institution where we nurture our spiritual beliefs, develop and enrich our faith and commune with others of the same beliefs.

What are all of the religons?

There are way too many religions, however, the main three religions are: Christianity (MOST OF THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD BELIEVE IN CHRISTIANITY (NO DOUBT) ) Islam and Judaism . Other religions include: Buddhism Baha'i Faith Confucianism Hinduism Jainism Shinto Sikhism Taoism Neopagans (MORE)

What is African religon?

Africa is comprised at of many nations, and thousands of bushmen tribes. As such, there are thousands and thousands of religions in africa.

What is the religon of the Incas?

The Incas worshiped a pantheon of nature gods and goddesses. The most important were: Inti (the sun god), Viracocha (the creator), Illapa (the weather/thunder god), Pachamama (the earth goddess), Mamacocha (the sea goddess), and Mamaquilla (the moon goddess). Inti was considered to be omnipotent and (MORE)

What are the religons in Egypt?

Islam is the state religion, and consequently the most widespread, covering ~90% of the population. The remaining 10% belong to Orthodox churches.

What is the religon in the Netherlands?

It's kind of confusing. The Netherlands was Cathlic until there was a big religious revolution then (80 year war/tachtig jarige oorlog) the country was mostly protostant. The Netherlands is still oficially protostant but more people are cathlic now

Did sumer have a religon?

Most historians believe that religion was the center of Sumerianlife. The Sumerians practiced polytheism, a belief in many gods andgoddesses. They prayed to many gods for many things, such as Ki forgood harvests and Enil for rain. Each city and each familyworshiped gods they believed protected them. (MORE)

What religon was Constantine?

Constantine was a pagan all his life. There is a story about a death bed conversion to Christianity, but many scholars are skeptical of this. There is also the myth that he was the first Christian emperor. This arose out of the fact that he legitimized the Christian religion. Although he made Christ (MORE)

What was Elizabeths religon?

She was a Catholic obviously, being a member, indeed the Supreme Governor, of the Church in England! She was never a protestant as many people claim, but was a supporter of Catholicism as it was originally, before the split between east and west!

What is the Persian religon?

Persians right now are Muslims and believe in the religion called Islam and they are called Iranians not Persians.

What is the newest religon?

I believe this gospel to be the ORIGINAL religion from God and ALL other religions are a variation of, or are in lieu of God's original Gospel for the salvation of mankind.

Is athiesm a religon?

Define Religion - A practice with clearly defined rules, eschatology and a philosophy by which one has to live. Now, Are there any rules in Atheism? I don't think so except 'one rule' which states that there is nothing called as god. It doesn't state any philosophy by which you have to live. So, (MORE)

What is Samoas religon?

Most Samoans are Christian. Like all religion it was forced on them; during the western world conquests.

What is the power of religon?

The power of religion is the superstitious belief in a magical being that controls or creates things or phenomena that the ignorant or lazy can not immediately explain by simple observation. This often leads to widespread fear, ignorance and violence in the name of said magical being for no better p (MORE)

How do you help religon?

People are slowly starting to turn their backs on religion and with new religions like the Jedi knight religion, religion has also lost a lot of respect and meaning. No matter what religion you are part of it will eventually "die out" so don't bother. At the rate people have been leaving religion wi (MORE)

What is Croatias religon?

Most Croatians are Roman Catholic (about 86%). But there are also Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and protestants present as well.

Did the Nazis have a religon?

The Nazis created their own protestant church. The aim was to phaseout Christianity and replace it with Nazi philosophy. The Nazis hadan agreement with the Vatican in that the Roman Catholic Church wasallowed to educate the children in sunday schools. Though most of the German population was protes (MORE)

What do religon mean?

A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, culturalsystems, and world views that relate humanity to an order ofexistence