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What is the retirement age if born in 1951?

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Born between 1943-1954 Full retirement age (Normal retirement age)would be 66.
Go to the SSA.gov website for more information

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What is the retirement age if born in 1971?

In the US, the age is 67 for someone born in 1971.

What is retirement age if you were born in 1967?

67. Depending on what year you were born, full retirement age can  range from 65 to 67. For those born 1937 or earlier, the retirement  age is 65. For those born in 1938 or
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When is full retirement age when born in 1972?

Your full retirement age is 67. You can start collecting benefits  at age 62, but you will receive only 70% of your full retirement  amount. The longer you wait, the more yo