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What is the role of Multinational companies in India?

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There is no distinction between an MNCs & a domestic company in India policy regarding MNCs is the same as for Foreign Private Capital in indie. Large & dominant MNCs along with Indian Companies are covered under MRTP Act. MNCs are specifically covered under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).
Now, we study the operation of MNCs in India:
1.) Profit Maximisation.
2.) International Network of marketing.
3.) Diversification Policy.
4.) Concentration in Consumer goods.
5.) Location of central control offices.
6.) Techniques to achieve Public Acceptability.
7.) Existence of Modern & Sophisticated Technology.
8.) Business but not social Justice.
9.) MNCs & Process of planned Economic Development in India.
10.) Cultural Explosion.
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Is the advent of Multinational companies in India a boon or bane?

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Multinational companies in India a boon or bane?

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