What is the role of a bank probationary officer?

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This is the most asked question in Bank interviews. They ask the candidates about the profile of the Bank PO post. Here, a very comprehensive detail about the profile and type of work the Bank PO do after joining in branch.

Bank PO Responsibilities:
A Bank Probationary Officer (PO) in the bank is the starting level appointment for bank officers and the promotional prospects are quite healthy with the work as it defining the limit for the candidate's success. Job profile of PO (Probationary Officer) is General Banking, administration work and any other work assigned by the Bank from time to time.

A Bank PO can be asked to do anything till the completion of its probation period. After the confirmation he/she can give tasks having routine work like posting, scrolling or advances or anything that is related to banking. He/she generally assigned to various responsibilities, as directed by the Sr. Manager. They are trained for accounting, marketing, finance, investment as well as billing.

The Bank PO also work on increasing other aspects of the bank's business such as the loan department, the the mortgage and finance divisions of the bank. Handling customer complaints and issues is also the responsibility of the Bank PO. Often this means dealing with complaints over issues such as charges, discrepancies in accounts, or even in complaints with service at the bank. Good communication skills and an ability to resolve conflicts calmly is essential for a Bank PO

Bank PO joins the bank as Asst manager after the end of probation period . Initially he/she may be posted in a branch where he/she will handle daily customer transaction like passing a cheque, cash management, Draft issuance etc. After certain experience and depending upon skill/aptitude, the person would be given an opportunity to work in other areas like planning, marketing, budgeting, processing of loan , investment management etc.
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International Banking Officer?

If you are an international banking officer you will make quite abit of money. They are well educated in all kinds of financialinvestment strategies all over the world. Generally, they will makesix figure salaries.

Is a bank manager a gazetted officer?

No. In India, certain levels of government officials, police, and military are listed, or gazetted, by the government as qualified to perform certain critical attestation functions. The occupation of bank manager would not appear on these lists.. http://crusaderspace.blogspot.com/2008/07/who-is-gaz (MORE)

What are the personal interview questions for probationary officer?

Generally interview panel consists of 4-5 members.They will judge you on various parameters.One of the important parameter is your knowledge.To understand the banking concepts you can visit good sites like http://bankingconceptsindia.blogspot.com/ I had personally used this site for my interview pr (MORE)

What are the responsibilities of phone banking officer?

1. Handling Customer Queries and Providing Information as per Defined Standards 2. Effective Redressal of all Customer Complaints and Providing Solutions/escalating Problems 3. Follow Up On Escalations and Closing Them 4. Educating Customers About Bank's other Products and Services (cross Selling (MORE)

Where you get Bank IT officer questions with answers?

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Duties of a compliance bank officer?

Way too many for me to answer with my typing speed.. A big one is administering the anti moneylaundering program which has to do with reporting suspicions of criminals using the banking system, maybe not reporting income or financing terrorism. But there are laws upon laws that have to be complied (MORE)

What is Significance of phone banking officer?

The significance of a phone banking officer is to provide customerservice such as processing customer request, handling complaintsand resolving customer issues over the phone. The officer may alsospeak to customers about products and services that may be offeredat the bank.

Who is a probationary officer?

who one of those people are i don't know, but they are a type of officer that is close to you if on probation. they kinda stalk you except legally.

What is mean by probationary officer?

Probation is a period of time. The probation time can be different in different organisation normally its not more then 2 years in many companies. In this time company expect from the employee to know his duties and responsibility according to his/her job. Sometimes companies use this time to find o (MORE)

What is probationary officer?

A probationary officer is an employee of a company who has not been fully made a staff. He is usually given a certain period of time after which his services can be confirmed satisfactory to the company. During the probationary period, the the employee is put under survelance by th appropriate mana (MORE)

How do you get a list of officers of Eastern Bank?

Chairman and CEO, Eastern Bank Corporation and Eastern Bank: Richard E. Holbrook Chairman Emeritus: Stanley J. (Stan) Lukowski President, Eastern Bank Corporation and Eastern Bank: Robert F. Rivers

Duties of sales officer for bank?

1. Need to achieve the monthly targets given by bank officials. 2. Should maintain effective relationship with the customers. 3. Need to maintain and update the status detail records of each customer that you deal. 4. To have basic knowledge of bank processes regarding loans, credit or debit card (MORE)

What is the role of probationary officer of a bank?

This is the most asked question in the Bank interviews. They ask the candidates about the profile of the Bank PO post. Are they aware regarding their job profile or not? Here, a very comprehensive detail about the profile and type of work the Bank PO do after joining in branch. . Bank PO Responsib (MORE)

What are the responsibilities of probationary officer in banks?

Bank PO Responsibilities . A Bank Probationary Officer (PO) in the bank is the starting level appointment for bank officers and the promotional prospects are quite healthy with the work as it defining the limit for the candidate's success. Job profile of PO (Probationary Officer) is General Banking (MORE)

What a bank specialist officer do?

A bank specialist officer's job duties are typically clerical. This generally implies typing, filing, answering phone calls, coordinating appointments, and more.

What is the role of public relation officer in banking sector?

Public relations is another word for marketing. As communications grew from word of mouth to fast reporting of corporate and government ills and skills, so marketing kept pace. With banks and other organizations now acutely aware of the speed of public and media communication we are experiencing unp (MORE)

What will be the salary of a bank po officer?

approx 23000(basic,DA,CCA) and other allowances like HRA (IF LEASED i.e upto 13000) + petrol allowances around 3000 and many more after all allowances it comes to around 30000+ pm.

What is a probationary license?

Requirements/qualifications for applying for a Wisconsin driver license or instruction permit(google)--Krazie Nerd AKA Mango =D

Best bank probationary officer coaching classes in chennai?


What is responsibility of junior officer in bank?

The job responsibility of Junior Officer is to achieve monthly sales target in a tight corporate environment by strictly adhering to the KYC norms of RBI. Junior Officers are expected to cross sale various financial products of the bank. They are supposed to bring Current Account, Savings Account, H (MORE)

What is the future of state bank officer?

Young officers will get quick promotions and can occupy good position in the bank., in turn bank will shine at the same Tim officer who are more than 50 will get frustrated and they opt for vrs v v r

What is the role of junior officer in banks or scale 1 officers?

The officer scale-1 in public sector banks is thejunior management grade scale and the rank is assistant managerpost. The entry point to this rank is through promotion as well asdirect recruitment. Those who have relevant years of experience asa clerk in a public sector bank get promoted to the ra (MORE)

How can you make preparation for common bank exam for the post of probationary officer?

Common bank exam will have questions in the following pattern :- Reasoning - 50 Question English - 50 Quantitative aptitude - 50 General awareness (related to banking) - 50, Computer knowledge - 50 Thus the pattern for IBPS CWE is as same as previous exams. The same time managment and preparat (MORE)

Where is emigrant banks head office?

The Emigrant Bank headquarters are located in New York, NY. This information came from their homepage, which also describes the company and its goods and services.

What is the role of agricultural officer in bank?

An Agricultural officer in a bank is the person who is responsible for promoting rural lending for general and agricultural purpose under the various schemes framed by the government and also other schemes offered by various other financial institutions. The officer needs to increase the sale of loa (MORE)

What is the role of IT officer in bank?

Many people think the role of an IT officer in a bank is a joke. Inreality, their job is vital to the banks security as they are theones who monitor and maintain the banks computer systems.

Where is the home office for NBT Bank?

"NBT Bank is in New York and also in upper Pennsylvania. However, the headquaters for NBT Bank are in Norwich, New York, not too far from Syracuse, New York."

The coaching Institute that offer training for Bank Probationary Officers exams?

There are lots of institutes providing Coaching to Prepare for Bank PO or Clerical Exams.But only few reputed institutes are there preparing students for IBPS ( Institute of Banking Personal Selection ) CWE ( Common Written Examination ) 2012 in Delhi.IIPS ( INDOSS Institute of Professional Institut (MORE)

Who is the Technical Officer in Bank?

Technical Officer . Job Cadre: . Officer. A Technical Officer acts as a supervisor, consultant, and in charge of issues pertaining his/her field of technical expertise. For example a Civil Engineer working within Housing Finance division may be required to manage Surveying, Property valuatio (MORE)

How can you complain against a bank officer?

You can lodge a complaint of any bank employee by contacting the bank manager or the banks Human Resource Department. And, if you have to, you can go straight to the bank president, they usually have an open door policy.

Where is BOB bank head office?

BOB stands for Bank of Baroda. The head-quarters of Bank of Baroda is in Mumbai India. Bank of Baroda is the 3rd largest bank in India. Mr. M D Mallya is the chairman of Bank of Baroda. It is a Nationalized bank that is fully owned by the Government of India.

What does a time deposit officer of a bank do?

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What is the role of public relation officer in a bank?

The Public Relation officer in a bank acts as a liaise between management and customers. They interact with the customers,hear their problems, and suggest remedial measures. They also highlight new decisions, products of the management before the customers/general public for mutual benefits.

Where is the home office of Landmark Bank?

The home office of Landmark Bank is located in Columbia, Missouri. The company website, landmarkbank dot com, offers all the information someone would need to know about the bank.