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What is the root of an SD card and how do you get there?

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The root is the main directory. If your SD card has the drive letter E, then the root directory would be "E:"

"E:\foldername" would not be the root.
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What is an SD card?

An SD card is a flash-memory card, and it's name derives from the  company that first produced it: SanDisk.   They are small and thin and Ideal for use in portable device

What is the root of a micro sd card?

  its the actual microSD card as in you click on the 'removable disk' from my computer or whatever and that's the root of the micro sd card. you don't go into any other fo

How do you download something on the root of the sd card?

Download the file to your computer and then transfer it to your sd card, or download to your phone and transfer it. In order for it to be on the root and not the sd card itsel

How do you put an SD card in an SD card slot?

  slide it in the same way it is in your camera..it will automtically pop up a box to transfer your photos into either your pictures in 'My documents' or allow you to uplo

Where does SD card go in a wii?

In the front of the Wii there is a small door (sort of) under the reset button. Open it and you should see a red button and a small slot. The slot is for your SD card.

How do you put my SD card into my laptop?

First, you can check the sides or back of your laptop to see if  there is a SD card reader. Be sure to orient the SD card (either  upright or upside down) when inserting it

What does the lock on an SD card do?

That feature just blocks any write operations. If you enable it, you can't: Move files from or to the SD CardRemove files from the SD CardCopy files to the SD CardFormat th

How do you install music on to an SD card?

While this depends on the medium used for it (IE, a computer running Windows 7 as opposed to Mac OS X), it usually works as follows (though note this is only answering for usi