What is the salary for NFL practice squad players?

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As of 2006, the pay was $4,700 per week for the 17 weeks of the season (about $85,000). Practice squad players do not receive fringe benefits like the roster players...

The minimum salary from 2008-2010 is $5,200 per week for 17 weeks, or $88,400 per season, in comparison to the NFL minimum rookie salary of $285,000. (Some practice squad players are paid considerably more, however. In 2006, the New England Patriots paid third-year player Billy Yates the full $425,000 he would have earned on the active roster.)

Season 06-07 $4,700/week
Season 08-10 $5,200/week

From Article XXXIV, Section 3 of the NFL collective bargaining agreement.

I have a friend on the Chicago Bears practice squad and he makes $90,000 per year.
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If a NFL practice squad player has been on the squad for 2 years and is claimed by another team and put on their main roster what is his minimum league salary?

The players on a teams Practice Squad do not accrue Time of Service while on the Practice Squad. from the NFL CBA Article XVIII, Section 1, Paragraph (a). " a player shall rec

What is the NFL practice squad salary?

Minimum salary for a practice squad player shall be $4,700 per week for the 2006-07 League Years, $5,200 per week for the 2008-10 League Years and the 2011 League Year if it i

Why are NFL players placed on practice squads?

because the 53 nlf man roster has been full of proven talent, the untalented or bubble players get waived, than if they ain't claim by an other team, and have PS options than